Monday, June 15, 2009

Can The One Have Fun?

Can The One Have Fun?
Danie Frederickson
As author Maureen Dowd discusses the issue of the Obamas’ interacting with the world as a normal family, the clearer it becomes that his social actions are all positive. “What a relief to have an urbane, cultivated, curious president who’s out and about, engaged in the world. Not dangerously detached, as W. was, or darkly stewing like Cheney. Not hanging with the Rat Pack like J.F.K. or getting bored and up to mischief like Bill Clinton” wrote Dowd. All of Obama’s efforts of normalcy should be admired and looked upon, not scorned. He is setting an example for other American families to get out into the world and spend time together in a positive atmosphere. Not only is Obama contributing positively to the world politically, he is providing a role model for working men and women by showing that work is important, but family is vital.
In “Can The One Have Fun?” by Maureen Dowd, the writing was light hearted and playful with a sharp edge of reality placed in the underlying tones. Her delivery of this piece was flawless. Dowd’s jabs at other presidents and other facts that were presented really helped to sway the reader into believing that Obama is genuinely an outstanding president and human being. While doing all of this, the comedic flare and subtle punches to people made the article a quick and delightful read.

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