Monday, June 15, 2009

The Danger of a Friendly Fire

The New York City police department has experienced many recent setbacks. There have been shootings, called "friendly fires". In these shootings, a police officer shoots a fellow police officer while undercover by mistaking them for a criminal. Of the four shootings that have recently occurred, three of the men were black and the other one was Hispanic. The friendly fires have increased racial tensions between officers and many families throughout the area of New York City.

Along with friendly fires, studies have shown that African Americans are beaten up by colleagues about twice a year. The police departments ensure its officers and citizens that it will better prepare its workers and make sure the rates go down. However, there's still the issue of racial hatred. The friendly fire shootings have been known to mostly occur while minorities are the subject of violence. Many people have been looking into this issue as a motive for hate crimes in the city of New York. These crimes also have the citizens undermining the law enforcement and blaming them. It's very difficult for the people in the city to feel safe while the "protectors" of their city are "accidentally" shooting each other. I believe the officer feels that this issue should be dealt with immediately and has very harsh feelings towards the officers involved in the shootings.

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