Monday, June 15, 2009

The War against Drugs

People think the war on drugs needs to end. We have spent a lot of money and and have seen no results when it comes to prosecuting the war.Drugs are now available at lower prices and higher levels of potency then before. In the United States the war has had three major consequences on our country: increase in the proportions of the popluation in prisons;empowering terrorists and criminals; squandering resources. The risk of legalizing certain drugs would be an increase of use and addiction. Different approaches are being thought of to handle the situation the best way.
Kristof uses mainly quotes and plain information in his article making it very impersonal and to the point. The reader has a hard time hearing Kristof's voice and his opinion on the subject. The use of all of the quotes does not make it enjoyable to read and hard to follow along with. The information was interesting and a nice update on what is going on with the war on drugs.

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