Monday, June 29, 2009

Invent Invent Invent

Op Ed 3
June 28

In this article, Thomas Friedman attempts to tackle one of the most pressing problems facing our world today: the current economic recession. His proposal is a simple, yet multifaceted one, beginning with the advice of another man. Craig Barrett's advice is to only give driver’s licenses to those who have graduated highschool, encouraging students to finish and get educated. The more educated the population, the more innovations. The more innovations, the greater the opportunities to dominate diverse markets. Friedman backs up this argument with more instructions from Barrett and comparisons to other countries, such as Russia and China. 
Friedman states his opinion in an innovative and positive way with his hopes of increased research and small business ventures. This, along with the prospect of receiving intelligent students from out of the country presents a bright future for the United States when the present is so bleak. Friedman does an excellent job pointing out all of the things the government could do better by getting readers excited about all of the new opportunities for prosperity available.

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