Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Time To Start Learning From The Frogs

It’s Time To Learn From Frogs
Danie Frederickson
06. 28.09

“It’s Time to Learn From Frogs” is an in-depth article discussing the birth defects frogs and tadpoles started showing in early 2003. These birth defects are starting to be mirrored identically with humans and the chemicals they are exposed to are a direct factor to both statistical studies. Especially in recent years, the importance of health and disease regulation has been a top priority. When the Journal of Pediatric Urology issues an article, it should not be taken lightly by citizens, or the government. It is discouraging to have the government turn their cheeks to the issues of birthing abnormalities, various cancers, obesity, and brain development. These issues are fresh and relevant in society today. A question that was not answered in the Times Op-Ed article written by Kristof is why the government sitting by and not taking a proactive stance to help persevere forward? The government should ban all endocrine distributors and put a halt to the chemicals harming their citizens. With a solution in front of their faces, it is disheartening to see them not snatch it at the first chance of an opportunity to lower the worries of Americans.

“For now, these chemicals continue to be widely used in agricultural pesticides and industrial compounds. Everybody is exposed.” With impactful stances such as this one, Kristof has successfully published yet another brilliant document. The balance between evidence and persuasion was enough to capture any reader. Another writing aspect used in, “It’s Time To Start Learning From The Frogs” is the blunt tone. When using this, the reader feels as if nothing is sugar coated and the information that is being given is legitimate. Moreover, the reader finished the article with a sense of being an aware citizen in a country that is so oblivious to the issues.

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