Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Privileged and Their Children

The Privileged and Their Children is written by Clark Hoyt. He explains how in this time of war and recession people are writing articles about privileged celebrities and their children instead of the issues that really matter. He believes that "The Times should not devote precious resources to overexposed celebrities." Everything we have right now is in moderation. In this economy we can not waste ink and time on stories that do not matter. For example, Angelina Jolie and her children have been overexposed on The Times magazine. Hoyt explains "There is no question that Jolie has a history of trying to manipulate coverage of her, and it is frustrating..." There are other issues in the world right now that the public needs to read.

I agree with Clark completely. We should not be worrying about another celebrity's life when our own life is in trouble. I believe the reason people aren't taking this recession very seriously is because they are not education on the matter. People are spending too much time and money reading about purposeless stories. The articles of The Times especially should be focused on our situation in American with struggling to survive in the recession. Clark also has a point with the celebrities manipulating their coverage. They should also understand this recession. The privileged should help the less fortunate instead of showing off how great their lives are. They are only human too, and life does come at you fast. You never know what will happen, might as well be kind and do good deeds.

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