Sunday, June 28, 2009

Op - Ed Entry Three

Sarah Reichenbach

Op - Ed Entry Three

June 27, 2009

AP Language

Vice and Spice

By: Maureen Dowd

Published: June 23,2009

Smoking, not only does it lead to countless health problems for the smoker but there’s that nasty little thing called “second hand smoke” which effects the health and possibly kills the smokers loved ones. That and it just smells disgusting; but there are worse things a person could do. President Obama is a struggling ex-participant of smoking and as far as Maureen Dowd is concerned that’s nothing compared to the life stylings of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. A notorious play boy, with his very own harem ( “L’Harem di Berlusconi” as their known); he’s labeled as “sexist” and “offensive” towards woman and prefers his “special female companions” to call him “Papi,” as if that isn’t bad enough. Fed up with his attitude a troika of academic woman in Italy wrote an “Appeal to the First Ladies” of world leaders urging them to boycott next month’s G-8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy. In Maureen’s own words about Obama “It’s interesting someone with such daunting discipline can’t apply his will power to cigarettes.” Here we have reporters and news casters calling him out as wimpy because he doesn’t retort back to their endless hassling. Though if Obama can resist the ability to sleep around, than it’s true with the things Obama has to deal with “it [is] enough to make a guy sneak out to the Truman balcony for a smoke.”

Maureen Dowd is an extraordinary writer who has once more proven she’s witty and smart. She calls out Berlusconi on his womanizing while telling off news reporters who seem to find pleasure is messing with Obama. Dowd does her homework, researching and finding everything she can to back up her point and then she puts her talents to use writing articles that inform and engage the reader. Her style is fun and entertaining almost like Carrie from Sex in the City but she’s writing about her opinions on political happenings not her love life. Dowd’s captivating style is a spectacular difference from other writers jejune sound. She’s a marvelous writer and I plan to read more of her work in the future.

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