Monday, June 29, 2009

My Trip

In recent news, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina found himself in a lot of trouble and controversy surrounding his whereabouts this past Father’s Day weekend. This past weekend, the Governor was untraceable to the point where his wife, kids, and committee did not know where exactly he was. It was assumed that he was on the Appalachian Trail, but in reality, it was found that Mark Sanford was really in Argentina with a former mistress. Op-ed contributor of the New York Times, John Kenny, chose to make light and poke fun at Governor Sanford’s bizarre weekend and past lifestyle with an article written like a journal entry by the Governor himself. Though the intention of this article was to show how corrupt the Governor of South Carolina is, one cannot help but to laugh at the way John Kenny portrays Mark Sanford’s foolishness.

John Kenney’s humorous outlook on Governor Mark Sanford’s recent controversy allows the reader to make light of an uncomfortable situation. John Kenney wrote this article as a documentary of events from the Governor’s point of view which made the article very easy to read, and it felt more like a story rather than a news report. John Kenney made the Governor seem like a very unwise and irrational person with the way he handled certain situations. Kenney was able to make fun of the Governor’s reasoning by making all of his mistakes seem like something any person could make, but in reality no one would accidentally call “Escort” instead of “Ellen”. The use of humor and sarcasm was not only enjoyable to the reader, but it also helped show that even people held in high esteem fall short of perfect.

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