Monday, June 29, 2009

Glanville's Ultimate Home Run

Doug Glanville composed an inspiring opinion editorial for the newspaper in the spirit of Father's Day. A professional ballplayer turned columnist, Glanville wrote his article not only as a sentimental memoir, but rather as an illustration of the discovery of a new passion- writing. With the loss of his father, followed by that of his baseball career, he wandered blindly, trying to fill the void in his heart, eventually finding solace with a pen and blank sheet of paper. What he found in his previously-untapped talent for writing was peace in both regards; that of a postmortem bond with his father, a gifted poet, as well as a new profession.

As a result of the double subject matter, one being in honor of his father, the other a stirring bit of wisdom regarding the pains of life, Glanville was able to strike a chord in the hearts of many. He united these topics seamlessly by using a chronological storyline to introduce his theme, which he then enhanced with sparks of perception originating from a deeper personal level. As a result of this approach, a reader feels like the trusted apprentice of an older and wiser mentor. Glanville's writing doesn't just go in one ear and out the other, so to speak; rather, it was written with the purpose of touching hearts and deeply affecting those who come by it. Because this benevolent, advisory intention of the author is so clear, few can resist being touched by his carefully-chosen words.

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