Monday, April 12, 2010

04.11.10 War on Terror

War on Terror is the war that has been going on in Iraq since October 7, 2001 till the present time. According to our former president George Bush, this war is intended to stop international terrorism from occurring. But now, it seemed to have lost its prime purpose. Many have attempted to stop the war, and Obama promised to stop the war during his term of presidency, but it currently has not stopped. The reason the war has not stopped is questioned often by many people. During the Nobel Prize peace award speech, Obama explained the importance of the current war and how this war is a war that is being continued in order to keep peace. This sounds ironic, since the war seems to be the last choice for the attempt to have peace, which does not involve violence. But after listening to his speech, the War on Terror seems to be a self defense like war. What we are doing is having a war in such far away continent in order to keep the war from happening in our country. Everyone knows that it is not a right thing to do, but continues to do it in order to feel safe.
I personally believe that the war should be stopped but not too suddenly. If we go off guard too fast, there is no assurance for our country's safety. It is important to keep peace, but safety is more important than peace in this situation. What is left if by keeping peace, we get attacked by terrorists and loose more lives than while we were in war? Since we have been attempting to stop the war for a long period of time, I believe that it will end soon. Since it has already been almost nine years since the war has started, it is about time this war would end.
In my perspective, the amount of money being spent on the war and war related equipment seems to be unnecessarily large. There needs to be a decrease in the amount of money spent on war and related subjects. Even though our goal of this war is something that is necessary without other choices given to us, I do not think we need to spend so much of our tax on it. It is not like by loosing this war we will be loosing everything; in fact, it does not seem like this is a war that has winning or losing either. So the government should consider spending money on other important parts than military defense. Our economy is still a shaky and it will take more time for it to completely find its normal or even better place. Military defense is not the most major problem in the situation like this. There needs to be more money spent on rebuilding the economy rather than building stronger weapons that will scare the other countries with nuclear bombs. The less we fund the war, maybe the faster the war would end.

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