Sunday, April 18, 2010

The environment matters.

Global warming and the environment, I’m not quite sure if these are separate issues, or if I’m supposed to write how global warming is affecting the environment- if it is at all, but here it goes. Global warming is a really weird issue that people try to make a really big deal about it, but it just is not, I do not think anyone really cares because no one thinks it is really making an impact on our environment. I mean but that is just what I think so do not get all offensive if you think otherwise. Really though when you look at the big picture, it is not going to affect us, it is not so do not worry about it. Just leave all that stuff for our great-grand children to figure out because maybe, just maybe, it will affect them, but not us. If the earth hasn’t blow up in flames or frozen solid by now I do not think that in the next maybe 80 years that we will be living it is going to happen to us. You can probably tell that I hate global warming and the idea of it, and I really just think it is stupid. For some reason when I think of global warming I think of Al Gore, it is weird- not really a good mental picture. The environment for me is another story- I really care about the environment and keeping it clean and preserving it for years to come. It is something everyone can do, even just a little goes a long way and it makes for a better and healthier life for us and future generations. From recycling to planting trees, picking up trash, setting aside national parks, keeping our planet clean should be a priority for everyone. This is our home and we should treat it with respect just like we would with our own houses and valuables. If we mess it up now we cannot just start over, we need to start now so that it only gets better and better. Think of the wildlife, millions of animals are killed each year by destroying natural habitats or pollution or hunting. These things can be, and should be, avoided and stopped. One of my favorite commercials on TV is the one where they are using the soap they are advertising to clean the animals off because the animals are covered in muck, and oil from polluted water. It is just so sad to see those animals suffering. I am not a tree hugger or animal lover (not saying that I do not like animals) I just care about the environment, and it is important to me to keep it clean and beautiful for us and our children and their children. I get this attitude from my dad who is a total outdoorsman and wildlife lover. He taught me to appreciate the world we live in and learn about it. Once you know the details of something it makes it harder to ignore it.

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