Sunday, April 25, 2010


In today’s world, globalization is present everywhere you turn. Globalization, the inter-mingling of different cultures, economics, and societies, is common in every building or community you go to. As you drive down the road in Atlanta, you will see different types of restaurants and stores based on different cultures. There are some shopping centers that are based on one nationality or culture, especially Chinese. Stores conjoin different products from all over the world. These traits of globalization is present within the stores and can been shown on the outside as well. It kind of sticks out when you pass a shopping center where all the signs are in Chinese or Spanish.

Our nation, the so-called “Melting Pot”, is like the crown jewel of globalization. Our nation has become internationally evolved ever since the end of the first Great War. To prevent wars and conflicts, we have allowed our nation to become more open to outside nations. Within these nations, some of their citizens immigrate into our nation and bring their culture to our society. Some say our increase in foreign affairs is due to economic interest while others say for own security, I say that we can not solely look at America becoming more involved in other nations when those nations citizens are changing so much in our own society. The take over of foreign businesses may be good in bringing money into the country but is there a limit that needs to be imposed in order to prevent our nation from becoming completely dependent on foreign nations? In the early 20th century, America had a foreign policy of isolationism. The American citizens wanted America to not be involved in foreign affairs and believed America could stand-alone. There was rarely any foreign business occurring within our nation and not a lot of trade coming into the country. Markets within our nation prospered as America produced most of what it needed instead of having the materials brought into the country.

So why has America became so intertwined with hundreds of different cultures and nationalities? Politicians have broken down immigration laws and other aspects that hampered immigration. Some believe that this is good while others prefer to go back to a nation around isolationism. Globalization has occurred in America due to foreigners coming here to live the “American Dream.” They still believe that America is the land of opportunity. This idea might have been so earlier in our nation’s short but prosperous history but it is not present in today’s society.

Competition in today’s economy has nearly destroyed any chance of a foreign immigrant, who is not highly educated, from ever becoming a wealthy person. This leads to my overall belief that globalization may be a good event economically but it may hurt some people who are in it. Even though it may hurt people though, it is a good event to occur to help our nation be prosperous. You can rarely do anything that involves many different people and have it make everyone happy. A lot of the dislike or hatred of Globalization is from personal beliefs about other races. A lot of people do not like globalization because they feel threatened from the competition that immigrants may bring for local jobs. Globalization may help a nation as a whole; it may actually hurt some citizens’ economic opportunity within their communities. They believe the immigrants will take the jobs in their community that the locals want to have. This shows how globalization may help the nation but it may also hurt some of the citizens within it.

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