Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Responce to Kristen's : The Global Warming Hoax

I generally agree with Kristen's thoughts on the issue. But, I don't think that just because this winter was a cold one doesn't mean global warming is false. The patterns they look at are over long periods of time, not only one season.
I thought the facts about ice very interesting. The proponets of global warming always want to talk about the danger of losing ice mass. First of all, beside the fact that if there was less ice there would be more water (don't see that as a huge issue), and also here we have here some data saying ice mass is increasing! I also agree with her criticism of America. It seems that America is always only looking at one side of the issue, and if you don't agree with global warming then you're an energy hog and only care about extraditing resources for personal gains. Global warming is an issue at the moment because it cannot difinitely be disproved. Until we know for certain one way or another we should cover all our bases. But, the emphasis should be taken off such a theory and be one other more impending issue. I feel that Al Gore has created this chaos by using scare tactics and also by making us feel guilty because the US uses more per person of just about everything than any other country on the nation.

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