Sunday, April 11, 2010

War on Terror

The war on terror is by far one of the more pressing issues our nation has had to face in the last few decades or so. Increasing terrorist- related violence and threats have forced us to act…in ways which may not have been so appropriate.
For one, I think the decision to go to war in Iraq was clearly a case of poor judgment and arguably a poor administration. More importantly, I do not feel it was just to allow someone with a double digit IQ to run the country in the first place but that’s rather unrelated. The bottom line is that President Bush along with his administration of dimwits fabricated a tale about WMD’s being harbored in Iraq in order to conceal their true purpose for invading the country- oil or who knows what else. Unfortunately, however, (and this is not the first time this has happened) the United States yet again got sucked into a seemingly never-ending conflict. We weren’t even supposed to be in this country in the first place. We were supposed to be killing terrorists in Afghanistan not toppling governments in Iraq – Saddam had no ties to Al Quada to begin with anyway. And you would think we’d learn from our own mistakes. Unfortunately the so called war on terror in Iraq has grown to resemble what happened in Vietnam except this time its far worse.
I do feel it is important for our nation to respond accordingly to terrorist threats. The key word here of course is accordingly, an antonym in this case for blowing things out of proportion, which is what the Bush Administration did with this war on terror. What does that even mean…war on terror? Its so ambiguous and ill-planned to begin with that most people (like me until I researched it a little bit) had no idea why on Earth we were even at war or what this term even meant. Killing terrorists I assumed… but we haven’t done any of that. Bush and his administration expended a massive amount of resources getting into pointless conflicts while they pretended they were still looking for these terrorists (the majority of which including Bin Laden were never accounted for anyway). Since then, thousands of our own soldiers have died over this meaningless conflict and continue to die today. Don’t get me wrong. Terrorism is a menacing, global issue however; it is not worth the price the nation has paid so far in order to entertain a bunch of ill-equipped morons in their futile attempts to eradicate it.
Unfortunately, this conflict has grown to irreversible proportions. The real problem here is if we extract all of our troops now, then our stake in this war will have been for naught. Most likely, the people of Iraq will overthrow the current mock government set in place by the U.S. and chaos will ensue. Plus we never killed any terrorists so that whole campaign in Afghanistan would have been a waste too. Unfortunately however, if we stay, there is seemingly no reasonable end at sight. Eventually, the U.S. will grow weary and be forced to abandon its endeavors in Iraq and Afghanistan. By that time, so many resources and human lives will be lost, that it would make is seem more proper to have just left much earlier…like right now.

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