Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Relatively Convenient Truths

Brittany Liebenow

18 April 2010

Global Warming and the Environment

Some Relatively Convenient Truths

I am bombarded with information regarding global warming and the environment on a daily basis because I am in AP Environmental Science. While I am a true supporter of helping the environment and preserving it for our posterity, I do not believe in global warming. The basis for my argument is quite simple: there is not enough solid evidence that proves it is real. I am not against keeping the global warming issue open as a possibility that requires future research, but I am very against the fact that over half of our society has decided it is the truest truth in the history of the environment.

The reason that I argue out against global warming instead of watching it passively from afar is that it takes funds, attention, and research away from environmental issues proven to be true. In my personal opinion, the same funds that are being spent in regards to global warming could be spent on alternative energy sources with a less harmful impact on the environment or research on endangered and invasive species.

There is also much contradictory evidence that is actually solid evidence, which proves global warming to be incorrect. First of all, the world is currently cooling. I know that former global warming activists have now changed the term from global warming to global climate change, but that in it of itself creates a huge issue. Global climate change and global warming are not the same thing. Not at all. This sudden switch in terminology also conveys, and certainly implies, that the global warming activists discovered they were wrong and tried to over up their mistakes instead of admitting them. Switching the terminology not only discredits the entire global warming claim, but it also changes the meaning of the issue. I believe in global climate change, but I do not believe in global warming. I believe that the world goes through climate changes that, depending on human interaction and environmental occurrences, may fluctuate from time to time.

This is not direct evidence of the incorrectness of global warming, but it is a byproduct of it. When global warming supporters advertised the harm global warming caused to the environment, what was the most commonly used picture? A picture of a polar bear. Polar bears, with the onset of global warming, became the new whales. I really do like polar bears, and I really would like to keep them alive, but I am not concerned about their future due to global warming at this point. Why? Because the polar bear population is currently increasing. That statement right there disproves a significant amount of global warming propaganda, making the statements lies once considering the fact they still overuse the polar bear. I do not like being lied to, and I do not think that a true cause would need to lie to me in order to gain my approval and support.

Essentially, in my opinion, global warming has been taken too far too fast. We still do not have enough conclusive evidence to spend real funds and efforts to fix global warming simply because we do not know enough about it to effectively fix it. In addition, it seems that every single day another new piece of evidence comes up disproving some aspect of global warming.

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