Sunday, April 11, 2010

War on Terror more like War on Oil

The war on terror is starting to fade away as a bigger issue has been the main focus of the so called war: oil. There have not been any major attacks on American soil since the crashing of the planes into the twin towers on September 11, 2001. This gave our country a reason to send troops over to the Middle East to protect our country from any more attacks. After we reestablished our power and initiated fear into these countries that contained terrorists, we still have our troops over there. I am not saying that we should pull out our troops from the Middle East; however I am saying that we might still have troops over in these countries for other various reasons. Oil is the main reason that our troops still are stationed in the Middle East. Without oil, our country cannot function. The so called war on terror is a title to cover up this hidden truth that many Americans have started to figure out. Controlling the oil fields across the world is like controlling the world. Without a large supply of oil, America maybe would not be the dominant country in the world because oil runs many important things in this country. Gasoline would be scarce, stoves that are in people’s homes may not run, and most importantly America would not be the most dominant country. Oil is not the only issue that we still keep sending troops over to the Middle East. I think that there is a bigger reason and that our country has reason to believe that future attacks may occur in America. By keeping troops over in the terrorists’ home land; we scare the terrorists because if they attack us, they know in their minds that we will strike them with a great force leaving their countries to giant wastelands. Maybe the terrorists have given up on their attacks on America or maybe they are planning a secret attack for a future date. Whatever it may be, having troops stationed in terrorist’s territory is a good thing for many reasons: fear is present in the terrorists’ minds, terrorist’s locations may be found and it lets the terrorists no that there will be consequences if they try to attack the most powerful country on this planet. Some people say that we need to take the troops out of the Middle East because nothing is going on over there and in President Obama’s campaign he merely stated that he would gradually withdrawal troops out of Iraq. Since he has not completely removed troops from the Middle East, I am going to assume that something big or mysterious is going on over there and that there is a reason to keep our troops currently stationed where they are. I do not have any idea of what is happening over in the Middle East but I believe that the public will soon find out why there are troops still stationed over in those so called terrorist contained countries. I can only make an educated guess that oil may only be found abundant in locations in the Middle East so we might need our troops over there to enforce dominance on countries demanding certain amounts of oil to belong to the United States.

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  1. I agree with Jay in certain aspects. First off, I agree with his opinions regarding our approach to the war and its justification. The war is no doubt an investment in troops and money that needed to be made. I question Jay's comments on oil, however. Most of our oil supplies come from Kuwait, which is no longer a major source of conflict in the current war on terror. We do need to control this region, as Jay said, in order to maintain our ability to trade to Kuwait which is very vulnerable to conflicts in this region. America is indeed addicted to oil, and as a result we are now married to the Middle East economically. Jay was spot on in his concerns with oil trading.