Saturday, April 17, 2010

Global Warming and the Enviroment

Global Warming is one of those topics that at some point in time were under a great deal of controversy. However, in today’s world, people could seem to care less about whether or not the earth is gradually becoming warmer and for good reason to: there does not even exist any overwhelming evidence that Global Warming even exists. Even if Global Warming was somehow proven to be a threat to our society in the future, our future generations would most likely be the ones having to deal with Global Warming thus the public would rather deal with current issues like war, famine, and recent natural disasters. I will admit that this sort of thinking is rather selfish and unfair to our future generations, but I do not believe that Americans are going to change their everyday lives and give up some of their everyday conveniences in order to prevent an unproven problem.
The believers for Global Warming and some disbelievers for Global Warming will constantly bring up the fact that it is not exactly harmful to the environment to lower our CO2 emission, and anything society to do prevent Global Warming will only benefit our environment regardless of whether or not Global Warming exists. But again, society is too rigid and too selfish to care about the consequences of our increasing CO2 emissions, so unless some respected scientist proves Global Warming exists or at least convinces society that Global Warming is a likely and dangerous possibility, then people will only continue to ignore the few that constantly promote cleaning our environment.
Speaking of which, our environment is another issue that our society will ignore, especially in American but other countries may be actively trying to better our environment. Caring for our environment is similar to preventing Global Warming in the way that there are no immediate consequences that can be seen if one person buys another hummer, or if one other guy litters, or even if one guy recycles every day. There is just no incentive for recycling, because saving the environment has proven to only motivate some random tree huggers . So unless the government creates programs that rewards money for recycling, planting a tree, or some other activity to better our environment, the average citizen will only continue to just not care.
However, it is somewhat alarming that the American carbon footprint is about 20 tons CO2 per year which for those who do not know that means, that is about the same as three new cars. But the fact of the matter is that this insane amount of carbon emissions could be greatly reduced if people actively began carpooling, using the bus, riding a bike, or using public transportation. Unfortunately for the environment, many people will consistently chose to use their personal vehicle as their main mode of transportation simply for the convenience and the luxury and independent freedom that comes with being the driver of your own car. So our daily routines and selfish attitudes will only continue to be a detriment to our environment, but then again no one really seems to care.

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