Sunday, April 25, 2010


American, Chinese, African, French and Mexican are all labels the world places on people traveling or living around the world. Over the past decades Globalization has become part of the daily routine: video chat with someone in Tokyo, order Chinese made products and so on and so forth. Yes, it may seem as though globalization may have some short-term benefits but in the long term it is detrimental to the relations between different races and countries. Expanding global markets and personal goals should not be the driving force behind the world.
The international aspect to American society has had a more beneficial outcome than a negative one. However, not all societies functions as Americans do and there are always those Americans who feel the need to take advantage of the system in various ways. And as more people migrate to come live in the land where dreams come true, more of our business has been traded internationally. The biggest issue with globalization is that at the end of the day people are classified by where they are indigenous to. This reoccurrence will restrict world peace because loyalty will lies in ones home even if ones house has been the one to provide every opportunity for their life.
It is an unfortunate thing that the world cannot just be one and have a functional existence but there is a reason why to a certain extent globalization does not work. Let us look at just the United States as an example. Within our own country, states exist because different areas have different personalities, views, and moral beliefs that one overall government can not accommodate. While the federal government does have final say, the states are the ones who represent their areas within the federal government. This is just the case within the united states and we are a democracy with little corruption in the equation. How is a government supposed to watch over the whole world with all of its disease and famine and corruption if the United Nations can not put a dent in the problems the world has right now?
Globalization might aid the economy now, but in the long run Americans are going to end up unemployed because all of the unskilled jobs are going over to the Asian countries who do not require their workers to have health benefits or a minimum wage. All the while, the big businesses are starting to control the world economy because with out them more than one country will collapse under the loss. What if McDonalds were to go out of business? All those jobs lost means millions, if not billions, would go into debt and less money would be circulated into the economy resulting in a very hurt economy. All this is due to globalization.
This is not to say that globalization has not had any positive influences. Societies are now used to interacting with different races and job markets have opened up. The economy thrives and communication has increased. Peace is on its way to being. However, war is still prominent and racial slurs have become common language. It may be ones opinion whether or not globalization is good or not but either way it is happening and the world has got to cope with it.

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