Sunday, April 25, 2010

Globalization: the dumbest idea that has ever crossed any ideologists’ minds. Globalization of the world will destroy the world and here is why. By being mostly independent from other countries, the United States and other powers across the world are able to set up their own nationalistic viewpoints and economic standards. Some of these economic standards work in certain parts of the world however in some parts of the world; these so called economic standards will not work in certain regions. Globalization is going to lead to one big government that runs every thing the same way which might lead to the downfall of the human race. I do agree that countries should communicate and trade with each other but there shall never be a globalization of government where one group of people has authority over multiple countries. This would be too much power for a certain group of people and they would not be able to handle it with the multiple languages that people speak today. The idea of globalization just sucks in general and it seems like the communists support it because they think that everyone in the world should be equal and receive everything in equal persons. This is a horrible idea and would give people no motivation to work harder than they are required because than they would be receiving the same amount of money and resources that another person receives who works less hard than they do. Bringing countries together into one big country would defeat the nationalistic idea and in my opinion is a bad thing. Countries need to veer away from the globalization movement and start their nationalistic ideas from scratch. Everything is too global today. The communication with other people in other countries is one thing but if society, laws and similar ways of life become apparent across the globe the lack of individuality would be seen and culture could be lost. Culture is very important to the global economy as well. Different cultures across the world are what makes up the diversity in all various sorts of categories: clothing styles, food, housing accessories, ECT. Some globalists out there, according to wikipedia, feel like if they get every person in the world to follow a certain routine, then they can supposedly save the environment and the earth from further destruction and war. War will always be present no matter what. You cannot eliminate different nations across the globe and make one big world nation. People would start to believe in different ideologies and beliefs and war would eventually break out. Globalization is a horrible idea and needs to be thrown in the dumpster along with all the other left sided hippy beliefs. In my opinion, globalization falls in the same category as socialism and communism because it is basically eliminating your competition or eliminating the competitive nature of one country and making everything the same. Diversity and difference are good things in which globalists need to realize. Globalization should not even be a thought as humans strive forward to better improve their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

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