Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stop Global Whining

While on this past spring break vacation, I met a man who had a very strong opinion on the topic of global warming. Jessie’s grandpa, also known as GP, is very adamant on his stance that global warming is just a hoax to get people to care about the environment (“and what not“). His bumper sticker on his car reads, “stop global whining”. Although I understand that as a Vietnam War air force veteran GP has had to go through a lot during his life and may not see protecting the environment as necessary, I would have to respectfully and strongly disagree with his point of view. Every single time I see that commercial about the polar bears, I want to cry. Watching the little babies swim around in the water with melting ice caps all around them is so sad! In GP’s opinion it is just a change in the atmosphere, not the destruction. He told us that this kind of thing happens to the environment every couple years but it is nothing that will end the world. I think the reason he is so sure it will not effect us because by the time the ozone layer is actually gone and global warming does take over and kill us GP will be long gone, and so will we for that matter. It might take several decades of even centuries but there is no mistaking the giant hole in the ozone layer. I think everyone should take more consideration in to their environment. If more people carpooled even a couple days a week to school, work, or wherever, there would be less smog and fossil fuel use would be cut. Another bonus to the whole carpooling to school thing would be that I might get to park somewhere remotely close to the entrance of the school without having to get there at seven in the morning to stake out a spot! Global warming is even effecting us today . Skin cancer is becoming more severe and more common due to the ozone layer deteriorating. If that helpful layer of the atmosphere is not there in ten years, we will burn to a crisp! People in the world do not particularly seem to care too much about the future unless money is the topic of conversation. People keep buying their Hummers and Escalades and say they care about skin cancer, which is completely contradictory. Those people might as well go to the tanning bed for hours every day. Not only is global warming an issue in our environment but pollution, including air pollution, is ruining hundreds of ecosystems everyday. When you throw a plastic bag in the trash instead of putting it in a recycling bin, that bag will go in to the ocean, a seal will see it, ,mistake it for a jellyfish, and will choke on it or suffocate and die. When it comes to animals, that is where I must put my foot down. I will honestly say I could care less about grass and bushes but when you see a little polar bear with no mommy and hear about seals getting choked to death I feel something.


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  2. I agree with Madelyn that the current state of our enviroment is not something to be scoffed at. License plates crying "stop global whining" do little other than to make others angry and bring attention to the black smog that is being emitted from the rear of the vehicle. However, I feel as though Madelyn may have fallen into the carefully laid trap of "go green" marketers. Her mention of the poor tiny polar bears that are being forced to swim around in the ocean simply drips with the same emotion that is used in the ASPCA commercials intended to raise money for animal shelters. This type of argument is so emotional that it is difficult to take it seriously. Yes, it might twang on the heart-strings, but it lacks in true substance. Madelyn's other argument that if you don't recycle you will be responsible for the death of some poor innocent sea mammal sounds painfully similar to the infamous Mean Girls qoute "If you have sex you will get pregnant and you will die!". Such arguments are so over simplified that it is unlikely that people will change their behaviors based on those statements.

    I enjoyed Madelyn's sense of humor through out this blog entry and commend her for the correctness of her writing, I simply believe that in order to put forth a stronger argument she should make more better supported arguments and rely less on common emotional appeals and overgeneralizations.