Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unicorns, dragons and Bigfoot are old but popular myths. However a new myth joins the ranks of these classics; global warming takes its place among these long-standing fables after astoundingly rising to the top of ridiculous ideas that some delusional individuals. We can thank ex-Vice President, Al Gore, for informing the masses of the inconvenient so-called truth.
When has this “truth” been truly verified? Seeing as how it is the center of much controversy and is debated frequently, it has yet to be proved as absolute fact. If it had been proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, we would not be here defending our position on this particular controversy. There is no conclusive proof that this actually exists. However, similar to the Bigfoot hunters, we have scientists and crazed environmentalist searching night and day for a shred of evidence. Any tiny change in our environment or weather patterns is seen as proof of the existence of global warming. If these crazed hippies cared to actually learn the background of the subject, they would find the earth goes through cycles of cooling and warming. Humans have little effect on the cycles of the earth. If even by the slightest chance humans did affect this, then it’s already too late to change anything; there’s no use crying over it now. These deranged individuals would most send us back into the stone-age if given the opportunity, that way the mother earth would be safe us harmful humans.
The main thing I would like to know is the proof these “go-green” fighters have seen that has whole-heartedly convinced them to believe in this particular myth. It must be really very good if they still believe even NASA refuted it. Even in my AP statistics book, I find information clearly stating the falsity of this claim. Satellites drift out of line creating what appeared to be global warming. However, upon further investigation, our reliable scientists discovered these satellites were creating incorrect readings. The world could possibly be warming a little, but this is normal and not detrimental as these hippies would have us believe. The changes they get so worked up over are just simple changes the earth undergoes all the time. Nothing life-shattering is going to happen. The sooner they can accept this the sooner they can stop sending themselves into panic.
Global warming was straight-up invented, just like any other fictional work. Al Gore is an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. No one should ever believe anything that comes out of that man’s mouth. The world should know better than to believe the man who claimed to have invented the internet, when the internet existed before he probably could form a thought. I strongly believe that global warming is just a thought. There is nothing I have seen that would support this idea being true. Now, if the hippies would share the evidence they so clearly found convincing, maybe I could be just like them and believe our earth is being hurt. However, seeing as I do not have this overwhelming proof, I refuse to believe anything even related to the subject. People need to stop believing such myths.

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