Sunday, April 25, 2010


In APUSH if there’s one thing I’ve heard Mrs. Smiley say multiple times it’s that, “Any country that has a McDonalds hasn’t been to war recently.” If this statement is true then I think the power and importance of globalization is more than just about economic growth it’s about keeping international peace. I’ve also heard it said that countries that trade together are less likely to go to war. This makes sense since technically we haven’t declared war with anyone since World War II.

I think that globalization has in many ways also help remove cultural stereotypes. While it’s unfortunate that still many ignorant people still believe that certain stereotypes are true, those who work in companies and get involved with other cultures and societies help to eliminate those kinds of thoughts. Globalization has also lead to international caring, I guess is how I would describe it, because businesses operate and get involved in multiple countries the issues that plague those places become international issues and thanks to America’s help all attitude; charities are set up to help these countries and the people that love there.

While the downside to the connections that businesses make is that they take away the possibility of jobs for unemployed Americans and exploit the lower wages people are willing to except it in these foreign countries. I think that these foreign jobs are important. Like it’s been said, “Countries that trade together rarely go to war” and that’s important to keep in mind. These international connections between businesses keep some resemblance of peace between countries. It’s like with America and China, neither of the countries necessarily like each other but because trade is so important they keep a mutual peace between the two. While I naively hope that World Peace will one day exist I know that it most likely won’t anytime soon and in replacement of this I can accept international trade as long as it keeps countries in tolerance of each other.

Globalization is also important because honestly I think it’s done a lot for travel. The international connections that countries make, make it possible for people to travel around the world and broaden their horizons. It’s made it possible for people to gain an appreciation for the other countries and ways of life. It’s allowed people to decide the kind of life they want to live by allowing people to explore the world and find a lifestyle that appeals to them. Someone who grew up in the backwoods of North Carolina could move to and own vineyard in Italy if that person wanted to. With globalization possibilities are virtually endless. The importance of travel is also to help enhance the culture of America. By exploring other cultures businesses can bring products they’ve gotten from other countries or pull inspiration from things they seen in those places to America. These products could lead the next big thing and change the way people do things forever after that. Globalization in some ways be described as a necessary evil.

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