Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Environment

People need to respect the environment more. I’m not excellently educated on global warming, but I do know the basics about it. It’s the rising of the global surface temperature over time. Scientists think it is caused by both human activity and natural phenomena. I personally believe in global warming. I can still respect a person who thinks that there needs to be more concrete evidence of global warming. I cannot, however, respect a person who takes things to another level and completely disregards that there is anything wrong with the way the environment is being treated though. You don’t have to believe that global warming is true to realize that there are problems with the environment right now, mostly due to the way people all over the world treat our Earth. There are so many things we can all do to help the environment, and some people are either too stubborn or uneducated to do their part. I can admit that there is probably more that I could do, since I feel quite strongly about this topic, but I recycle and I don’t litter and I try not to waste water. I am an avid supporter of alternative fuel sources. There are some people that still don’t recycle, although I think that this country as a whole has more recyclers now than ever before. There are still far too many people who litter and waste water though. I think a lot of these people don’t even think about what they’re doing. I could see someone tossing a plastic bottle into a river, not even thinking about the fact that that bottle will travel down that river and probably make it into the ocean where an abundance of other species live and are affected by that act. Imagine that multiplied by millions. I think it is people’s lack of thought about the other species on this planet that really makes me angry. We are not the only living things on this Earth. We share the Earth with a vast amount of other species and we are all connected. What we do affects them, and the numbers or extinction of other species affects us. The fact that all of the pollution we are causing is affecting other species that have no control over it whatsoever is really sad. I feel that alternative energy sources would do the U.S. some good right now. I’m not saying that we should completely do away with oil and gasoline as a country right away because that wouldn’t work, but we do need to become gradually less dependent. The supply of oil that we have will not last forever. It is depleting and it doesn’t replenish itself. There are actually people who think that oil replenishes itself in the inner core of the Earth. It doesn’t work like that. People should become more open minded about the idea of solar powered homes and cars, wind energy, and maybe even ethanol fueled cars. I myself am hoping that scientists will find a way to make safe hydrogen powered vehicles. The exhaust of these hydrogen powered vehicles would be water, and that would be awesome. Way better than these greenhouse gases we have going on right now.

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  1. Syd,
    When I read your statement, "we share the Earth with a vast amount of other species and we are all connected," I heard myself saying out loud how correct you are. I can not for the life of me understand how blind people can be to the fact that we are not the only creatures on Earth. I absolutely agree with you that treating our planet with respect is so much more than just helping ourselves it's helping other creatures as well. Creatures were destroying with our selfishness.
    I too am an avid supporter of alternative fuels and believe that by changing our source we'd be helping the world immensely. It may have to do with the fact that I pretty much feel the same way you do about everything but I think you made a solid argument and that what you said made a lot of sense.