Monday, April 19, 2010

04.18.10 Global Warming

Global Warming is the warming of the Earth due to the pollution caused by many different sources. It has been an international issue that is a quest to solve. Many argue that by reducing pollution, we can at least stop the temperature of Earth from rising. They hold campaigns and advertisements to reduce the pollution we are causing to the nature. It sounds as if by recycling and using an environment-friendly energy source, the global warming will be stopped, and the Earth would become a safe and happy place again. It seems like they are worried about what to come, like the icebergs melting that causes the sea level to rise. It is a big problem since peoples’ safety and a big portion of civilization may be in trouble, but whether if it can be stopped by us trying to reduce pollution is unclear.
My opinion on Global Warming is that it is just a natural phenomenon. The pollutions caused by smoke and other unnatural substances are only making it happen quicker; it is speeding up the warming of the Earth, but it is a period that is eventually to come. There was Ice Age when the Earth was a ball of ice, and now it is time for the Earth to become a ball of fire. I believe it will not become that much hot enough to be a ball of fire but it will eventually heat up as it became colder millions of years ago. The amount the pollution is speeding up the warming is tiny compared to the years past since the Earth was first formed.
Earth is not a consistent object that does not change; it is always moving and spinning, and everything on Earth keeps on changing. People build up huge buildings and cut down trees. Keeping the Earth from warming up is impossible since everything on Earth is meant to change and is currently changing; it has changed from the period when dinosaurs used to live to Stone Age to machine civilization and the present time. People who insist that we have to stop the global warming that can change the situation on Earth different from how it is right now should realize that a civilization or the Earth itself cannot stay unchanged for a long period of time. Perhaps in the future, as the temperature of the Earth rises, there might be scientific inventions that can make people live under the hot condition or even live under water. Instead of searching for a way to stop the changes happening, it would be more effective to figure out a way to adapt in the new environment we will eventually face.
The mammoths are now extinct and cannot be seen in this world except through the fossils they have left behind, but people have survived. If we were able to survive the cold freezing Ice Age, the global warming brining us a Warm Age should not be a fear to stop from happening; it should be something we can face and figure out a solution for.

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