Sunday, April 18, 2010

Global Warming and the Environment

Global warming: what a joke. Seriously? How can people actually freak out over something that Al Gore says? I mean, I do my part to help the environment. I recycle, turn off all the lights, I buy the special light bulbs that help save energy, and my washer and dryer are energy efficient. I am just not one of those “oh, the world is going to overheat and explode and we all will die if we do not do anything to save the planet!” I recently found out that you could get a tax deduction if you buy like an energy efficient car or something that helps the environment. I found this kind of cool, but honestly, I would not do that; I just do not care that much about it. Sure, we should all try to keep the environment nice but do we honestly need to go overboard with the “lets all save the planet” stuff? Please, do not get me wrong, I think we should all respect the environment, but the environment can adapt and reach a state of equilibrium.

Back on the topic of global warming, I think it is a hoax, especially since it has been recently exploited that Al Gore made up some of his information that was used in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” According to Wikipedia, global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth’s near-surface air and oceans since the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation. Sure, we have had some very hot temperatures, but we also have had freezing temperatures. The Earth has these cycles of cold and hot temperatures. That is just how the Earth works. Some people are now saying we are actually in a global cooling since, apparently, the average temperature of the years is slowly decreasing. I do not know what is going on with the temperature, but I am pretty sure that we are not helping out the ozone layer.

When I think of the environment, I always think of the movie “The Happening.” In the movie, the Earth is basically sending out a message to the humans populating it. The Earth is telling them that the environment needs to be reborn and how it needs to reach equilibrium, as I stated earlier. As the movie progresses, the Earth starts killing off people and animals by giving them a “disease” that makes them turn into a suicidal zombie-like vessel. Imagine if that could actually happen in real life? Not going to lie, but if the Earth could alter with a humans’ biological make-up, then I would be pretty scared. After watching that movie, I was more aware of my surroundings. I wanted to protect the Earth more so than ever, but now I have reached the conclusion that I can only do so much, and that one person can’t save the entire world, no matter how hard one tries. I think if we all just become a tad more attentive, then we should make a small difference.


  1. Callie makes a very realistic argument in her blog. The world certainly is not going to burst into flame due to human activity. based on facts, the earth clearly has normal cycles of temperature changes. This doesn't mean anything life-shattering.
    Later on in the entry, Callie points out that, while we should do our part in helping out the environment, we should not go overboard with it. I completely agree with this idea. However, I would be one to do even less than Callie here. I just don't see how recycling can correct problems that have existed as long as humans have.
    After reading this entry, I find that there are very realistic ideas proposed. This is the middle ground that should be followed by both sides.

  2. Callie Corday, I agree with you. EXCEPT for the part where you're all "I just don't really care about it". I mean, I suppose you can say that I really don't care much about it either, but we SHOULD care a little about it, yeah? " recycle, turn off all the lights, I buy the special light bulbs that help save energy, and my washer and dryer are energy efficient" < I laughed when I read this because I do the same things. And those special lightbulbs thats swirl around are kind of my favorite choice for lighting. Just saying.
    Anyway. I'm not sure if someone can have an opinion on the environment. You really can't be AGAINST the environment can you? No. Because we live off it it. So I mean, environment... yay?!?!?!?!
    AS FOR THE GLOBAL WARMING, it is very much so a hoax. And the anger that surrounds Al Gore on almost everyone's blog makes me laugh. But, I think we should trust him;After all, he DID invent the internet.

    that was some extreme sarcasm.

    yes. He is wrong.
    And another thing I disagree about is the whole "I'm just one person, I can't make a difference." THIS IS AMERICA! ANYONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Not that I think we should all become environmentalists, but it is possible that one person can change something.
    Take Bill Gates. He invented Windows. <Changed our lives.

    So yes, good blog.
    And excuse the lack of flow of this comment and the random times of capitalization. It's been a long day.

  3. Though I do agree with what I think is the author’s point of view (that is I believe that the impact of global warming is over exaggerated), there are a few areas that are quite confusing to me. It seems that the bulk of the argument here is that global warming is a natural process so that there is really nothing to worry about. While this statement might be true and that the earth’s temperature is self regulating by a process called the conveyer belt effect, I don’t see how this really refute the argument of many prominent IPCC scientist who believe that human intervention is pushing those positive/ negative feedback (the natural warming/ cooling process of the Earth) way out of proportion. Granted that there is lots of evidence that point towards global cooling, it seems that getting into the concept of global cooling would just re-entrench us into the ambiguity of the climate change debate (seeing that climate change is an undisputed fact in the IPCC and how some of our brightest minds in the field of climatology, those in the IPCC, are split on the direction of climate change *Al Gore is not intelligent enough to be in the IPCC if you were wondering). Something that bothers me about this entry is that the author seems to be very ambiguous in her position on the environment. On one hand she talks about how she does not care enough about the environment to buy discounted cars. On the other hand, she talks about how a horror movie inspired her to become more environmental. I also disagree with the author’s use of Wikipedia, especially as the source to refute Al Gore’s documentary. Though I do not think that that documentary is all that great or even true, I do know that Al Gore has a team of scientist that did this research for him (and if you say that these scientist are under Gore’s paycheck and that they rigged the results, which I believe might be the case, then my refutation would be the same story, those scientist who refute Gore are under the paychecks of Exxon Mobile), and simply refuting that knowledge base with Wikipedia is a little bit risky in my opinion. In the end, I think the author has the right idea, which is that we should all care for the environment despite our disbelief of global warming.