Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Global Warming Hoax

So this is what I think about global warming…its ridiculous! It is a bunch of bologna that dramatic environmentalists have decided is the root cause of polar bear deaths, melting glaciers, etc. But, when was the last time we got snow? Oh yeah a few weeks ago in MARCH. I mean I’m not an environmental expert but snow in Georgia in late March doesn’t exactly point towards global warming. Maybe I’m ignorant of the Antarctica weather patterns but if they are anything like the weather here, I’d say we shouldn’t be worrying about the “melting” glaciers but rather, hmm I don’t know, maybe our down-falling economy? Sounds like a good idea to me.

According to a news report, contrary to media reports Antarctic sea ice continues to expand. Ice totals for March 2010 are appreciably higher than 1980. The main stream media concentrates on a couple of small areas of the Antarctic in order to alarm you in to believing that Antarctica is melting, when in fact its gaining ice. Key word: gaining. Why are people getting so freaked out and paranoid about global warming when in fact the earth is doing just to the opposite. Just because one man—cough, cough, Al Gore—proposed this preposterous idea that the earth is melting away piece by piece doesn’t make the theory true. Americans need to learn to digest more than one theory at a time. Instead of just taking in one environmentalist’s outlandish idea Americans should consider the whole realm of possibilities first. The media has simply been fuel to Al Gore’s fire because they are scaring the human race into believing that global warming is a dire emergency that must be solved asap when it really has no effect on humans at all. Don’t get me wrong, I think the environment is something that should be held in high regard; I just think that we should hold the rights of the human race at a higher regard.

For instance, instead of worrying about the well-being of the polar bears, we should consider the well-being of the starving children in Africa dying of malaria because personally I think humans are more important than animals. Instead of spending billions of dollars on solving a problem that doesn’t exist, why don’t we actually put our money towards something tangible and vastly apparent such as global starvation or our own struggling economy? The situation called out by Gore is not as drastic as he makes it seem, and Americans and all people across the globe for that matter should realize that global warming is a hoax and not worth government funded research. Almost all the information gathered by environmentalists and scientists since 1999 has refuted the theory of global warming and there is really no need for people to be alarmed by the supposed crisis. I mean, maybe there is some evidence out there that supports some of Gore’s claims, but from what I have researched global warming is just another crazy call for attention and money.

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