Sunday, April 25, 2010


What is globalization? I currently have no clue what it means but while watching desperate housewives I am determined to Google it and figure it out. I am definitely not in the mood to be writing this blog. It has been the longest weekend of my entire life I am pretty sure. But okay back to the subject… So what I have discovered from my internet search, globalization is basically creating a universal, world wide government. My opinion on the subject is neither good nor bad. There are good and bad things about both. I guess I would say my opinion lands in a gray area. Globalizing the government would not necessarily be a bad thing. For instance, in countries that are communist and poor or are underdeveloped globalizing could possibly reverse their status in the global economy. However, it could also be a negative change for the less fortunate nations. Changing their entire system could really put a crushing weight on the stresses of the nation. Because America is, or at least thinks it is, the most powerful or “best” country and has the best governmental system, the citizens of the United States would make other countries conform to their mannerisms of the law and government. However, it has taken centuries to develop the accomplished government of the United States and it is still in the process as we speak right now. If we asked the underdeveloped nations to join us, they would have so much catching up to do it could more than likely drown them in debts and stresses they are not accustomed to. Globalization could produce a positive outcome as well. For those living in places like Iraq, the change to a global governmental system could change their lives. A stronger government could lead to more government jobs and spending. More government spending and jobs would put more money in to their economy and they would be able to flourish and be prosperous. Also, the poor, starving children in Africa could positively benefit from global government improving because if the federal government officials stepped in, they would be given shelters and soup kitchens where they would not starve or live outside in the cold, or hot. People automatically assume that conformity in the government would only be negative, but I do see how the American government could potentially be negatively effected. If the strong government of the United States was not going to spend all of its’ time and energy on one country but on many, Americans would not be as spoiled as we are now. Our economy may suffer because we would be forced to do this thing not many people are aware of; it is called sharing. Citizens of America are scared of globalization because they are greedy. They do not want their tax dollars and wealth to be spent on anyone besides their own flesh and blood. I do not think I would be so skeptical if I had to pay taxes. I would be stand offish to pay higher taxes for other people too.

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