Sunday, April 18, 2010

Global Warming

Environment/Global Warming
Robert Overholt

Aerosol cans and Hummers are going to drive our species to extinction. If you seriously believe that is the case, you need to step out of your ivory tower and see a physician.

Global warming is a load of crap.
All of this talk over the past decade regarding our Earth heating up as a result of a depleted o-zone layer and solar flares and carbon dioxide emissions is really getting annoying. This argument started a few years ago when Al Gore coined the concept of Global Warming. Now I am going to make the point that I am not an expert on the arguments surrounding this phenomenon, but I do know several facts that discredit this theory.
The environment needs to be respected. We should not take advantage of its resources to the point where indigenous species and habitats are wiped out entirely. We only get one Earth. These arguments are quintessential in the environmental activist movement. I happen to agree with these assertions. These statements are not, however, the same as the arguments made for “global warming.” Global warming is simply another attempt to blame the wealthy for problems that exist on this planet. It is counterproductive and simply false. There is no substantial proof that the Earth is becoming hotter than it has ever been in previous centuries. The Earth has cycles. Species evolve, adapt, change, and sometimes die off completely. Lately, this global warming has raised concern about polar bears in the arctic that are dying because of the melting ice caps. Yes this is tragic, but what gives us the right to step in and intervene with natural occurrences. Evolution and adaptation are based off of changing to positively coexist in a certain environment. The polar bears will learn to survive somehow. We should not assume power and try to save them by locking them into zoos. We belong to the environment: the environment doesn’t belong to us. We should not adapt the environment to us. We should adapt to the environment. Watch Avatar… you’ll cry… unless you’re Mr. Glenn…

People have truly blown global warming way out of proportion. It has grown from an issue of carpooling to getting yelled at for throwing gum out of the car window because a bird might choke on it. Global warming does not even exist! NASA recently repealed their statements regarding global temperatures being dangerous. The issue was made up as an attempt to get additional funding for space programming. Slightly unethical but if that’s what it takes I’m all for it. I think space research is a worthy investment, especially if our planet does reach a carrying capacity.
Although global warming is a myth, environmental protection is still a cause that needs to be addressed. We all need to do our part in conserving natural resources. It is terrifying to think about what will happen if we run out of oil or if a certain food was wiped out. Our Earth is undeniably fragile, and we need to take precautionary measures to keep it rotating.


  1. We can now more feel the effect of climate change. Victims of heatstroke is now alarming. If this kind of effect will continue, catastrophic event may cause great loss to human society.

  2. I would like to start of by saying i completely disagree. How would global warming be a scam for rich people? Also, there is in fact proof that the Earth is getting warmer every year. It also is not only getting warmer but winters are getting colder. Clearly it is getting colder here in Georgia because it snowed three times this winter! On a different note, those of us that have a heart (cough not Robert) actually care about the poor, innocent baby polar bears. When their ice caps they live on are melted away and they are stranded in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, maybe someone (cough Robert) will care. Maybe the human species and all other species will evolve to the warmer climate on Earth but yes, we still need to make sure the ozone layer is still intact in a couple decades. That is the reason we must work towards "going green" to ensure that we do not expand the hole.

  3. I agree with you, global warming seems to me like a big exaggeration. It is very important to protect the environment, but global warming seems to be a natural phenomenon, if it is actually significant enough to be noticed. Pollutions may be speeding up the global warming slightly, but the reason pollutions should be stopped should be because it is hurting the environment, not because the earth is warming up. Every little helps, but it should not be a disturbance in our daily lives.