Sunday, April 25, 2010

04.25.10 Globalization

This topic has been a hot issue for a long period of time. It has been going on ever since I could possibly remember, and it still is an issue that people all over the world is paying interest in. Globalization is a process where the walls that have been separating each countries from each other breaks down, which lets the globe become a one big group in a sense. It is like creating a roadway not only through the United States, but also through wherever place you can possibly imagine, even over sea places in Asia or Africa. Everything can be traded from country to country and going over the borderlines will not as hard as it used to be. It is opening the gateway to uniting the many unique diverse countries into one globe.
Often in airline commercials, in order to show an aspect of diversity, they display people of different races with their own traditional clothes on and saying hi in their own language. This is the typical image of diversity and uniqueness of each country, but the globalization might be ruining this main characteristic of it. As the globalization is growing and growing, the number of countries learning English is growing; not only learning, but some countries are even accepting it as their first language. If this process goes on, I am worried that all the different continents will become the same. There will not be a unique characteristic that you can find in each country but the same English speaking people with the same kinds of buildings everywhere. There will be one fashion trend that goes on through the whole globe and same foods will be found anywhere you go. McDonalds will not be the only thing you can find wherever you go; everything on the farthest away place will be just the same as where you are living. This might be an exaggeration of what might happen, but I do think globalization might end up creating a unity to the unique countries existing. In order to catch up to what the rest of the world is doing, all the countries will try to follow whichever country that has the greatest power. All the countries will try hard to be the greatest influencing power, which might cause conflicts between them. Being the world power has been something that all the countries have worked hard to do ever since they realized there are other countries than the one they are living in. The globalization will result in creating a greater will to become powerful among the countries that have been changing similar to each other.
I believe that the countries keeping their own traditions that they have continued for a long history. Globalization might pressure small and weak countries to leave their traditions behind and follow the stronger countries. Trade and communication between countries are necessary but it should not be the main goal of the countries and become a guideline to becoming a successful and strong country.

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