Sunday, April 25, 2010


Globalization or the inter-mingling of different cultures, economies, and societies has become an essential part of our world. Whether it is the racial diversity within an American school or the world-wide economic trade system, globalization is apparent everywhere you look. After doing research on what exactly this term “globalization” entails, I found that it is comprised of many parts, both positive and negative. Though many would automatically assume that globalization is a good thing because it seems to unite the world on common grounds; it actually has some negative effects as well.

Over the years politicians have drastically broken down geographical borders in order to hamper trade, increase interdependence and prosperity, and ultimately decrease the chance of future war. Though at face value one may agree that such practices are essential to a nation’s prosperity, often times globalization leads to a decrease in a country’s nationalism. If everything within a country is foreign produced or financially exported the “home-grown”, prideful attitude is seemingly diminished within that society. I believe that pride in one’s country is crucial for success and the well-being of that country should come before the well-being of others. The United States is a good example for taking globalization too far. Many consider the United States as the epitome of a cultural melting pot. Ever since the early 1900’s the U.S. has attracted many foreign immigrants to the so-called American dream. But this American dream has dissipated over the years because America is no longer the center of trade and economic prosperity. Many U.S. corporations export jobs to other nations because countries such as India will work for less pay. For example, a couple months ago my computer broke down because of a virus and we ended up having to call the HP computer customer service to figure out how to get it fixed. We were immediately put in contact with a man working for HP in Mumbai, India who was able to get on our computer from Mumbai and get rid of the virus. I thought it was pretty cool that some random guy in India fixed my computer but at the same I couldn’t help but wonder why HP had exported that job. From my understanding there is a pretty high unemployment rate within our country, so why not give these unemployed people the job of fixing my computer? Ah yes, I forgot that corporations within America are quite selfish when it comes to the use of their money.

Globalization has also produced negative effects such as the globalization of illegal drugs. With all types of markets expanding their boundaries, the drug market is not excluded. The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime issued a report that the global drug trade generates more than $320 billion a year in revenues which accommodates the more than 50 million worldwide users of heroin, cocaine, and other synthetic drugs. Border patrols, etc. have therefore had to crack—no pun intended—down on immigrants coming into the country.
Though the unity of cultures and societies can produce peace throughout the world, the attitude within one’s own country may in turn be one of unrest and negativity.

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