Sunday, April 11, 2010

War on Terror

The War on Terror was started in retaliation to the nine eleven attacks. The United States wanted to prove to the other countries that the United States is still strong and powerful. I think that it was not necessarily wrong for the United States to retaliate, since I am positive that if you were attacked, then you would fight back. The United States does not seem to be a country to just sit there, while terrorists are attacking it, and do nothing. Also, former President, George Bush, did what he had to do. He was faced with a very difficult dilemma and he did what he thought was best for the United States. No matter what option Bush had picked, someone, somewhere would have ridiculed and criticized Bush. Sure, Bush made mistakes, but everyone makes them. The United States has never faced anything like this before, so the country is just trying to survive. We are blindly trying to find an answer to this situation. By having this war, we, as citizens, are now more educated about terrorism. We have come to realize that not every Muslim is apart of a terrorist organization (except right after the nine eleven attacks, we were afraid of every Muslim, and we treated them with caution, yet we were not as bad as we were after Pearl Harbor).

Honestly, I find this whole war very hypocritical. If we are against terrorists, and what they do, then why are we fighting back? Fighting fire with fire only causes more fire. It causes a bigger problem than originally planned. The United States is only causing more hatred and disrespect throughout the whole world. Acts of retaliation could be pursued in a more peaceful manner. If we say the United States hates terrorism, then why do we willingly send in more and more troops to fight? Another issue is the cost of this war. I love how we just throw away billions of dollars a year when the United States is in one of the worst economic recessions of all time. According to the Department of Defense, it is costing the United States eight billion dollars a month that is being sent to the troops. That is crazy. Sending ridiculous amounts of money does not mean the troops are going to win. This is not a win or loose type of war, which is a sad thing to realize.

It takes time to get the troops out of the war. Everyone needs a little bit more patience. The United States does, however, need to hurry up and get out. We have been in this war for nine years. The troops are just over there to fight, and we need to pull them out. The United States should admit to the fact that they most likely cannot win. Maybe Obama will actually do something good, and help end this war, or at least our involvement in the war. I think overtime we should withdraw the troops since if they are all pulled out at once, then things could go badly. If we just pull out a few at a time, then eventually, everything will reach a level of stability.

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