Sunday, April 18, 2010

Journal Entry - 4/19/10

The environment and its conservation have long been a important issue in our society. Ever since the creation of the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, people have begun to realize the damaging effects that certain human behaviors have on the environment. Everything from driving cars to using various aerosol cans can potentially harm species in the environment and their habitat. I believe that humans can be extremely resourceful and if everyone was to their fullest potential, we could exponentially decrease pollution, waste and other harmful things to the environment. Through recycling and reusing items, the world could be ridded of a great amount of trash, which is constantly taking up space in landfills. In the future, we will have to continue to expand these areas which cannot be good for the environment. Another huge environmental problem is deforestation. Many companies and landowners all over the world are attacking rainforests and areas with dense population of trees for pure profit. What they don't realize is the damaging effects that it has on the animals and even us. Cutting down large numbers of trees anywhere in the world is dangerous because it could reduce the amount of pure oxygen released into the air we breath. Without oxygen, humans are nothing.
A more relevant issue that has recently been discovered is global warming. After the discovery of CFC's and aerosol usage, which has lead to the partial destruction of our ozone, people have begun research on the Earth's rising temperatures and there detrimental effects on varying aspects of the environment. For one, the polar ice caps are melting at an ever increasing rates which can raise sea levels all around the world. I saw a show on the discovery channel about how the raising sea levels could engulf lands such as Florida and other coastal areas with lower sea levels. The raising sea levels and ocean temperatures also could eliminate species that require very specific living conditions. This could put a hole in the food chain and consequently affect many other species as well. I have heard theories, however, that global warming is a hoax and that it really doesn't exist. At first it's a tad bit hard to accept, but when pondered it becomes more realistic. Think about it, our Earth has been changing and evolving for millions of years; how do you know that this "global warming" isnt just our planet going through another phase? It could be this with a combination of harmful human activity leading to the rising temperatures, but either way, the environment will definitely see the effects. I think that if people are made more aware of how they can prevent in partaking in damaging activities to the environment, than we will be able to greatly help conserve our environment. We need to start more programs to plant trees where we cut them down, recycle and reuse more, and teach kids how to be more resourceful. We need to conserve our planet and save its beauty for the future generations to come.

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  1. I think that Chase's entry is filled with a lot of true arguments. We need to stop deforestation. We need to recycle more. We need to teach our kids to be resourceful. We need oxygen to survive. I agree with all of these statements, and although I believe that global warming is largely anthropogenic and that we cannot risk runaway warming right now, I believe that there are indeed natural cycles of climate change. Some climate scientists estimate that the earth goes through a global warming period every 1500 years, and I found this argument the most convincing out of all of the skeptics' arguments.

    However, I do believe that this entry is lacking. Chase does not really seem to take a strong stance on any of the issues. Almost everyone agrees that cutting down forests are bad and that we need oxygen to live. However, there is a great deal of controversy over what we should do to fix the environment and when we should do it. Also, Chase does not take a strong stance on global warming as well. He just believes that there is a chance that global warming is a hoax. As do almost everyone else.

    I agree with a lot of Chase's ideas, but I believe that he should stop skirting the real issue at hand.