Monday, April 12, 2010

Comment on Cecily

So again I cant figure out how to comment like a normal kid so I have to do this instead.

As for Cecily's thoughts on the War on Terror, many times I feel the same way. It often seems that this is just a continuous part of life. That we as the USA will always fight terror around the world. This comes from our own honor as world power and as the "world cop" we took over after WWII. And yes we are fighting an enemy that cannot be fought under a flag or nation. It does make it hard to see what is best to do but we cannot just stop. Such terrorism threatens democracy and liberty across the globe, we have assumed a position where it is our job to fight such things. I also agree that now, the war divides the county. It is somewhat discouraging to see people criticizing the president and suggesting things like that 9/11 was a planned attack done within our own govt. After 9/11, it was a solemn time when Americans came together because we had a common enemy and because we are all Americans: black or white, male or female, liberal or conservative. That was a time( much like after Pearl Harbor) when America rose up stronger than ever thought possible. Now after that was 9 year ago, we are back to arguing and fighting. I think that criticism and the free speech is what makes us great but also we can see that our greatest times in our history was when we could all rise up and stand together as Americans.

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