Sunday, April 18, 2010


Environment and the discussion about it became popular in 60’s and 70’s as American citizens carried around signs saying that Mother Nature was dying. Images of oil spills further increase sympathy for the environment. Hundreds of people were forced to witness images of young seals, birds, and other creatures covered in sticky black oil either dead or close to death. Any person would feel sadness witnessing it. The first Earth Day was celebrated in April of 1970. 400 000 people joined together hearing speeches and celebrating this new holiday to fight for their belief in the protection of mother nature from capitalist expansion arguing that thermal warming (Global Warming) and other things were occurring to due to humanity. The United States government did act in this time period to help the fight for survival of Mother Nature by creating the Environmental Protection Agency that set regulations on businesses and other things to help prevent the destruction of the environment through wither pollution or direct destruction for expansion. Regulations could have included how they disposed of toxic waste and where they could dispose of it. It could also have regulated how and where they could expand in a way that did not hurt or damage the environment. The government also created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well. These agencies were successful in protecting the environment due to them having the power to enforce their regulations against whom violated it. Through the struggles and audacity of environmentalist of the 60’s and 70’s brought direct action of the National government against the Capitalist expansionistic activities of American business.

Global warming in this nation is a common phrase used by many and known by all. Environmentalists call for the end of expansion and a tighter grip on expansion in capitalism. Supporters say that expansion is key to success for society. They believe that when there is prosperity, people should grow out and create new businesses in new territories. Is there a limit where expansionism goes over the limit and should be restrained? Many different groups using their own personal beliefs can debate this question. The truth is there is no simple answer for if or when capitalist expansion should be stopped or restrained because there is no actual proof it is destroying the environment. Many believe in global warming but Georgia doesn’t seem to be warming up when we had 3 snow days in one winter season. How can I feel that capitalism is destroying the environment by causing global warming when my state has a colder season than normal?

In the present situation, there is no serious climate change present that shows human actions in capitalism and other things are effecting our environment. To show their case before an audience, they must bring in something valuable to show that their beliefs that the environment needs to be saved is legitimate. I think that the necessary regulations and practices instituted today are enough until someone brings forth solid evidence that these regulations and practices are not enough and that mother nature needs further protection from humankind.

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