Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm So Glad I Typed This War On Terror Thing Last Week...

I may not be highly informed on the War on Terror, but I do know the basics that pretty much help me decide which side I am for. First of all, I don’t think I know anyone who is FOR war. Personally, I think there are two types of people: the people who are against war all the way through and the people who are against war but support it when it’s necessary. I am the second option. Right now, we are waging a war on the persistent issue of terrorism. Terrorism, in my opinion, is like hatred; you can’t really eliminate it. From my knowledge, the war was provoked by the September 11th attacks. If someone attacks us on our soil, you better KNOW that we’re retaliating. We cannot just sit around and let the event slip past as just a mere incident. For this reason, I believe that the war was validated. It was officially started on October 7th (according to Wikipedia), which I thought was eerie because that’s my birthday, and it still continues today. When war was first declared, former president Bush claimed that there were weapons of mass destruction. These, as far as we’re informed, have never been found. Regardless, terrorism needs to go. Seriously, it’s not making anyone’s life better by killing innocent people because your god told you to do so. I don’t want to insult these people’s religion or anything, but killing is wrong. What if I came to your house randomly and just killed your child? Would you understand? Would you be just fine and dandy with the murder of your kid? I would hope not! It is common sense to not harm innocent people. Why do the terrorist feel the need to terrorize? Is it because they hate the Americans? That’s another thing I have a huge issue with. Why do people hate us? We help people when they need it and yet they still feel the need to criticize. And even if you do hate Americans, you don’t take their lives. Here in the U.S., almost everyone is understanding (or in the least respectful) of other people’s cultures. But if other countries say they hate us, oh it’s just fantastic. Because we DESERVE it, right? You have to be kidding me. If you think that, I just… ugh, I would be infuriated. (Sorry for the rant…back onto the topic). So, war on terrorism is a good thing I think. No, it’s not good that innocent people are getting killed, but there is use for it. Breaking up terrorist stuff is a good cause. Now, the criteria for this war that was thought up by Bush are actually completely rational. One goal of his was to “work with willing and able states”. I wanted to point this out because everyone whines and complains about how we’re invading and interfering with people that don’t want our help. If they don’t want it, we either try to persuade them or stop trying (I think…). As for Obama pulling out the troops, or whatever he claimed he would do, that is not a smart idea. Pulling out of the war now will only leave these places in a worse state than they are right now. By doing this the war would have been pointless. If he’s concerned about money, then maybe he should stop funding other things that America isn’t a fan of. (I will leave out examples. I don’t want people to get too fired up.)


  1. I love this... so much. Absolutely hilarious.

  2. I agree with this blog 100 PERCENT. Allison was right on when she said there are two types of people people who are against war and people who are against war but are for it when necessary. I also agree with the statement "Why do people hate us?" America does everything in its power to help countries in need. I do not see any other country in the world performing this act on a consistent basis like Americans do. As for the Obama comment, he needs to keep the troops stationed where they are because we found out what happened when we started to withdrawl troops last time (do I really need to mention it). Terrorists in my opinon hurt innocent people because they are frustrated in their own countries and feel that they have everyone to blame but themselves. Fighting these radical terrorists is essential to the survival of our nation.