Sunday, May 9, 2010

05.09.10 Abortion

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by removing or causing the baby inside to die. It has been a grave issue around the world for its moral and some other reasons. Most common opinion on abortion is that it is a cruel process of taking away the life from an unborn baby that was formed because of the parents’ mistake. I hate to see the word mistake and pregnant together. Being pregnant should not be something people should be ashamed of, since it is a process of a new life being born. But now days as more and more unmarried people who does not want a baby become pregnant, its value has crashed incredibly. There seem to be more people who are worried about being pregnant rather than wanting to be pregnant. Now there is abortion to get rid of the babies that were not supposed to have formed. How respectful is that to the baby.
I have been against abortion and still am against the abortion, but what made me think that it might not be all negative was the book freakonomics. In that book, the speaker states abortion as the main reason of the decrease in recent crime rate. This fact shocked me and made me think of abortion in a different perception. I only thought of the babies that will be killed and how their lives are getting lost even before they are born but have never thought of the babies that are actually born. When a baby is born because the mother failed to get an abortion she wanted to get, then there isn’t a great chance of that baby being taken care of properly by the mother. Children who have not gotten enough love and care from his or her parents are likely to become an outsider of the society and even worse, become a criminal. But just because these kids have high possibility of becoming a not very helpful part of the society doesn’t mean that they are worthless lives that should not be born. If the government finds a system to take care of those kids with love and support, people will feel less worried about becoming pregnant since they have a place to take care of their kids that they do not want. If they were irresponsible enough to have an unwanted baby in the first place, there is not much doubt that they will see that system as a day care center of some kind.
There does not seem to be a proper solution for this issue about abortion, but it is something that needs to be solved. For now, abortion can seem to be helping the society in a way since the unwanted children that might cause trouble later will not be born, but is very wrong morally. I think the best way to solve this problem is for the people to, in the first place, not make the babies that they will later decide to erase. They should know, if they are the ones who made the babies, that they have a grand responsibility of taking care of the children and also the children’s lives.

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