Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last CONTROVERSIAL blog: Abortion

I’m sure everyone understands what abortion is, so I’m not going to define it. So, what should we do about it? Is it a crime or a sin to commit? It is withholding the free-will of women to do what they want to do with their own bodies? This issue is one of the most controversial that, in my opinion, will never be really solved or compromised upon. To me, I think it is wrong to kill an unborn child. Not (mainly) because it’s a precious miracle or because it’s a living, breathing creature, but because I think it’s just another way for people to avoid responsibility. People know the risks of having sex. They know that they can get pregnant; they know that they can get STD’s. So if they choose to still do it, then they should accept anything that happens to them consequently. You cannot erase the past and you cannot redo your actions. So, why should there be a chance to eliminate the consequences of the aforementioned actions? There shouldn’t be one. People need to stop escaping their deserved repercussions.
Then there is the idea that abortion is murder. MURDER, MURDER, MURDER, MURDER. It’s a strong word to use for the elimination of such a little microscopic collecting of cells. But, I do agree it is some form of killing. In the first four weeks of pregnancy, the baby develops the nervous system and has the foundations for thinking, feeling, and senses. It’s not right to kill that. The human is so advanced to other mammals that it’s a waste to kill them off. The person wouldn’t know what this child could become if you just slay it before it even gets a chance. It isn’t right for somebody to get a second chance by killing the baby and eliminating ANY chance it ever had.
That’s why, if a person isn’t ready or doesn’t want a child, then they can give it up for adoption. Then the youngster (sorry for the lame word. I’m trying to avoid the repetitive “child”) at least has a chance. So now you might ask , “Well, isn’t that just avoiding responsibility too?” Oh, no no no no. It would be impossible for someone to have a baby growing inside of them for nine months, and then just give it away and have it not affect them in any way, shape, or form. They would learn from their actions. And there’s the thought that the child’s life would be worse off with some sort of adoption. It is actually statistically proven that children who were given up for adoption are actually better off than how they would be with their biological parents.
And now for the eternal annoying question of, “BUT WHAT IF SHE WAS RAPED?”. Then there is an exception, if we were saying abortion should be illegal. There is ALWAYS an exception to any rule. I am so sick of people saying that the situation is black and white. NOTHING is black and white. Just like murder is illegal, but if it’s out of self-defense then it is perfectly justified. If someone is raped, yes. I do believe the baby COULD be aborted if wished, because the said child would just be a horrible reminder of a horrendous crime. That may seem to contradict the previous statement of how a child deserves a chance. And it does. But I consider rape a completely different situation since the person in question had it forced upon them and they had no choice. They stood no chance.
Lastly, I would like to remark on the healthcare reform (ahhh!!!). From my understanding our tax dollars are going to these programs that will pay for other people’s health situations. It is also from my understanding that this includes abortion. So even though over half of the country is against abortion (discovered from an average of quite a few sources), we still have to pay for this deed. That is what gets me truly livid. It is completely ridiculous and absolutely repulsive.

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  1. First off I would like to say that Allison make a completely logical argument in this entry. It is ridiculous to believe that people should have such an easy way of avoiding responsibility. The way Allison covers the topic shows that she truly knows what she's talking about.
    The refutation of the counter-argument leaves no room for the other side to find a way to bring her points down. Allison clearly covered all areas she needed to provide a strong debate in favor of her views. This blog was very easy to read and understand. VERRYYY GOOD! :) I also really enjoyed the last part about the new health care bill. Unfortunately some do not know about that little part and this is a good way to get that across to the student body.