Monday, May 3, 2010


I am completely and totally for Capital Punishment. Absolutely! This is one of those beliefs I have that I have never had second thoughts on, and that when asking my family, they all agree! Although killing people is bad and whatnot, we should do it. Actually, we should do it more often. Because of the controversy surrounding the death penalty it’s actually very difficult to have someone on death row that actually is killed via death penalty. I suppose that now I will argue why a few of the possible arguments against the death penalty are usually invalid.

First of all, people use the argument “well, what if you’re actually sentencing them to death but they’re really innocent and you don’t find out until afterwards, huh huh?!?!?!?!” WELL HERE IS THE SOLUTION TO THAT: don’t sentence people to death if there is any doubt. This rarely happens, it really rarely happens, so this is a rather odd argument to make. Usually, almost ALWAYS, a judge is not going to sentence a person to death if it’s not absolutely certain that he is guilty. What kind of argument is this anyway? Do you really have such little faith in the legal system that you think everyone is accidentally found guilty of terrible crimes? Do you know how LONG you have to wait on death row? How easy it is to get another trial? This argument isn’t really an argument. It’s an inane thought of “oh what is the worst situation we can come up with.”

Another argument, the whole “well think of how his family is going to feel” argument, is another one I find slightly suspicious. Yeah, because if a man or woman has done something that calls for legal death there’s going to be a really tight nit family relationship involved. Whereas the first argument is almost never even applicable, this argument has some legitimacy. Almost no one wants to see a family member be put to shame and brought to death. The sad fact is, however, that when someone commits a crime so terrible, that is what they deserve. We’re always being told we live in a harsh world, well let’s make it harsher. The crime rate now is RIDICULOUS. There is so much fear, so much death and pain, that city streets have become cemeteries. What is going on?! Well, for the modern world, we need the death penalty to help keep our crime in check.

The last argument I would like to bring up is that we are only killing people because it’s cheaper. WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?! We can spend SO much money on trials and lawyers and everything and you think we’re trying to save money? Do you know how much lethal injection costs? We’re not shooting bullets here!! We, as the American people are paying for this. For the most part, I don’t mind, but when court costs start skyrocketing and a person who has murdered nine children and an orangutan keeps going to court, I’m going to get mad. Almost as mad as I am right now because I got a total of ONE HOUR OF SLEEP. Does that explain why this entry is so bad? DOES IT DOES IT?!


  1. First off I would like to encourage Wayne to never write another entry on a total of one hour of sleep. Her severe tone and harsh accusations are totally right-winged and have no legitamate argument behind it. Wayne brings a pointless he said, she said argument into this debate and ultimately makes a reader feel dumber. However, I do respect her ballsy approach to the article and her unwaivering stance to the topic as a whole. Although I do not thing that Wayne has a clear grasp of the issue, you have to applaud her bold entry.

    One point Wayne made is completely untrue. Her fact that court trials are more costly is untrue and backed with no evidence. I can understand the time consumption point of view to that argument. If the same people are taking up court time than that means there are people out there that have committed crimes and are still living their daily lives waiting for their court date. Which if she had said that would have slightly validated her rant.

    My favorite part of the whole tangent Wayne went on is that the crime rate is "RIDICULOUS". If she had just written this sentence I would have liked her on facebook, followed her on Twitter, and then commented on her Formspring because I would have agreed that strongly with that statement.

  2. I will start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this blog entry. It was very different from the blog entries that I am used to reading from Julia and I liked seeing a less serious side of her; it was quite enjoyable. The use of capitalization and extravagant punctuations emphasizes her arguments regarding the death penalty. She is very adamant in her support of capital punishment and backs it up by making three main arguments. She doesn’t really provide evidence to support her arguments so in some cases I have a difficult time accepting them.
    I agree with her first argument that it is highly unlikely that the judicial system will make a mistake that would lead to someone being given the death penalty. When people speculate a criminal’s innocence, they are simply trying to avoid the truth. Judges don’t just hand out death sentences; they must feel there that is enough clear evidence that the criminal is guilty. I agree when she says that criminals must be punished despite the pain is could cause their family. The death penalty is not focused on a criminal’s family but rather on punishing the criminal. The family being affected is just a result of the conviction. I don’t really agree with the last argument because it isn’t supported with evidence or statistics.