Sunday, May 16, 2010

Junior Year

I would say that my junior year was pretty eventful. I moved here in the beginning of the year and chose to go to Johns Creek High School for a couple of reasons. The first is that it was a brand new school so I wouldn’t be the only one who was confused by the building and room numbers at first. The second is that, since the school was brand new, everyone would be meeting new people and making new friends. I thought it would be easier for me to find a group of people to be friends with. My last reason for choosing to come to Johns Creek High School is that the environment of this school is very similar to that if my old school. I’ll never know if I made the right choice or if I would have been happier at a much larger school because I’ve never had the experience of going to a large school before. I think the best thing I could have done at that point in my life was to keep everything pretty similar to avoid freaking out too much. That’s what I did. This year actually exceeded my expectations. In the beginning of the year my goal was just to find someone I could eat lunch with and get along with well. Now, at the end of this year, I have much more than that. I have a circle of friends I get along extremely well with and like being around. I feel like I can talk to anyone at school comfortably and easily. I feel well-liked. It’s never been a huge concern of mine to be well-liked, but you don’t know how great it felt to come to a new school, knowing absolutely no one, and realizing that you’re well-liked after only a month or so. I feel like socially, this year was a complete victory. Academically, this year has been the most challenging of any year of my schooling. I think that this is a good thing. Even though I wasn’t particularly happy about all of the work I had to do, because I’ve never really had to work hard at school before to get good grades, I think that I got something valuable out of it. I’m glad that I figured out how to work hard and study properly this year instead of having to figure out how to do all that in college. I also feel like this year was valuable academically because I learned more about my likes and dislikes. I have been considering majoring in engineering in college, but now I’m not so sure. This year, I learned that I don’t particularly care for calculus and I hate physics, and those things are essential to most types of engineering. I haven’t completely given up on engineering, but now I’m thinking I might want to do something biology related. I certainly don’t want to do anything that involves too mush physics. Also, this year I got to be a part of the JCHS swim team, which was great. I was the only junior on the team, and there were no seniors, so I kind of stood out as a leader of the team. I enjoyed that because I’m a pretty natural leader anyways. I’m so happy that I got to be a part of the first Johns Creek High School swim team. Overall, this year was great and not as miserable as I thought it would be. I’m glad it’s almost over though and I’m so ready for a vacation.

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  1. Very eventful year Sydney! I had no idea that you had just moved here! Where did you move from? Johns Creek was definately the perfect spot for you moving in because everyone was in the same boat of unknowns. You definately adapted easily, because I never even assumed that you were the new kid on the block.

    Engineering is something I was interested in too...until this year. The math involved is indeed quite intimidating. I am confident, though, that if we could make it this far we will be fine. Congratulations also with your swim team accomplishments! That is very impressive. It was a great year. Have fun on that vacation!