Sunday, May 9, 2010


Abortion is a very touchy subject. It is one of the most controversial arguments in America today. Personally, I am “pro-life.” I believe that as soon as the egg and sperm come together, that there is a baby. Abortion, in my opinion, is murder. I think that it is wrong for a woman to just kill a baby because she does not want a child. That is just a way for her to escape and accept responsibility. All the woman is doing is killing the unborn child. Who knows, maybe the child could have been the next president or the doctor that finds the cure to cancer. By getting the abortion, the woman throws away any chance at all for the child to become something great.

There are several different reasons why I am against abortion. Some of the reasons are because of my religious background, and others are from a moral standpoint. There are also several reasons from a scientific view that makes me not against abortions. Abortion has several consequences that are more negative than positive. Abortion could cause serious problems for a woman. If a woman has had an abortion, her chances of having a miscarriage, a premature baby, a stillbirth, blocked fallopian tubes, weakened cervix, and weaken the reproductive system. Also, abortion can lower the chance of a woman getting pregnant later in her life; it also is considered to be one of the reasons that more cases of breast, uterine and cervical cancer in women. To me, I honestly do not think that an abortion is worth what could happen to me. Many women who have received an abortion end up feeling really guilty afterwards and fall into a depression. The guilt comes from the woman killing her unborn child. A lot of women end of regretting ever getting an abortion, which can lead to intense psychological stress.

In many cases, the women who are having sex think that an abortion is just another form of birth control. They believe that they can practice unprotected sex and then have an abortion if they feel like it. I do not believe that abortion should be used as another form of birth control. While it may be harder for minors to get actual birth control, they should still at least try. I do not think that if I got an abortion that I would be able to have any self-respect. I think that all of the self-respect would just go away and it would be really hard for it to come back.

However, there are always exceptions allowing for abortion. If a woman was pregnant and having that baby would put her life in danger, then I think that she should be able to abort the baby. Why risk two lives if you could save one life easily? Also, if a woman is raped, she should be allowed the option to abort the baby. Personally, I still think it is wrong to have the abortion, but the woman had no say in this whatsoever. It happened against her will, so she should not have to take the consequences of the rape.

There is always adoption. So many families are not able to have children on their own. Instead of having the unwanted child killed, then just give the baby up for adoption so a loving, caring family could start a family.

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  1. First of all, I beg you to read over your post before you publish it. There are so many lapses in syntax, some that tear your argument to shreds, that the reader cannot understand you clearly and ultimately dismisses your argument. You seem to think that all aborting mothers are irresponsible women who don't understand the importance of a child. Believe it or not, most women don't see abortion as any easy way out or an "escape." Before you say that an abortion is "just a way" to continue an ideal life, why don't you think about how placing absolutely all women considering abortion under a stereotype is narrow-minded. Also, if you say that these women are irresponsible, who's to say that they won't destroy their body while the baby is developing? Irresponsible women who have children often still participate in activities detrimental to themselves AND their baby. The statistic about depression after abortion does nothing for your argument. It's simply a contradiction to the rest of the blog without any true meaning. You also ignore how many children are already in adoption; if we were to illegalize abortion the amount of kids looking for foster homes would increase exponentially until the possibility of finding a "loving, caring family" for each child would shrink until one is completely hopeless. Before you make these decisions, you should look at the situation as a whole, not just for each family.