Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reflections on Junior Year

When I look back on junior year all I can think about is how happy I am I switched to Johns Creek as opposed to staying at Northview. This year was by far the best one yet. I am so thankful for all the friends I made this year that came from Chattahoochee and other schools. I will definitely cherish the relationships I made this year for the rest of my life. This year was difficult academically but so rewarding in the end. Never have I worked so hard to get straight A’s and though I wanted to pull my hair out at times and give up on school, I was able to pull through and excel in areas I never thought I would be capable of excelling in. I’m excited that school is coming to an end and summer is quickly approaching, but at the same time am a little sad that next year will be my last with all the new friends I made this year. I really wish I could have started out high school as a freshman with our junior class because I love how our small size enables us to get to know everyone.

I definitely can’t wait to be a senior but I can’t help but remember when I was a freshman wishing that I was junior because of how cool I thought the juniors were. It’s surreal knowing that I’ve already finished my junior year. This was the year I was dreading academically, but now that it’s over I’m so glad I was able to overcome the stress and overwhelming hard work that made up my year. I’ve made so many good memories this year at Johns Creek and as a senior I hope to make many more! This year really flew by and I’ve learned and grown so much as person and I’ve participated in many experiences that I would have never predicted myself to be apart of. Comparing myself to how I was freshman year is really weird because it’s almost as if I have become a whole different person. I have broken apart from many old friends and have made new ones, I have learned many of my passions and strayed away from things that hindered them, I’ve learned the impact of hard work and compassion, and I’ve have experienced how change can produce success. I can only wish that senior year will be just as great and I think that it will be if not greater.

This year I’ve gone through quite a catharsis of emotions. Whether it was stressing over my ACT score after three times of taking it, to laughing for hours with my best friends, to crying over Mr. Gabel’s physics class, and to many other feelings I can’t begin to explain. I’ve learned so much about who I am as a person through the people I’ve met and the teachers I’ve come in contact with this year. I’m so happy I moved over to Johns Creek and I can’t wait for another great year as a senior: Let’s go class of 2011!

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  1. Kristen, I could not agree more. Northview was awful! I love the smaller class size and getting to know everyone more individually instead of knowing their "group". I also thought junior year would be the best because i anticipated getting my braces off and driving and as a freshman I thought the juniors were cool too! I love that you mentioned crying over Mr. Gabel's class because as much as I hate to admit that man had any control over my emotion I also cried more times than I can count over the stress from that class. However, having you as a lab partner helped!