Sunday, May 16, 2010

Junior year is perhaps the year that I would want to redo. Not because it was a disappointment but because there were just so much more that I could have done. Looking back at things I think my ideal junior year in Johns Creek High School is one that incorporates things like getting more involved in starting up the school, having more time with friends, and making more friends. Of course, all of these things are stuff that are desirable for every year, but I think what is unique about my junior year is that I was not only going to a new school, but I was also an upperclassmen of a new school.
Those are all very dry, uninteresting stuff I mentioned up there. Well on the brighter side, my junior year was very enjoyable. I believe that the faculty at this new school was very supportive, and they helped me out a bunch with the transitioning to the new school. I also think that this facility is awesome and the fact that it is so close to my house means that I get more freedom because I could choose to walk home on days that I decide to stay afterschool. I also made a bunch of new friends around the school and got to know a lot of the faculty members. I also like the fact that there aren’t as much juniors in this school, which allows for more personalized attention from the faculty. I also enjoyed Mr. Glenn’s APLang class. I think those discussions we have in class were awesome (although sometimes the discussion itself goes bad, but those topics and questions are very well thought out). Other than that I think most of my classes were just mundane. Except 6th period which is basically a free period.
Okay I really don’t have much more to say about my junior year other than stuff about debate. I think debate dominated most of my junior year. I’ve travelled to I forgot how many different states for tournaments. We started a great foundation for the future of our debate team (like winning second in states etc).
Well since there isn’t much more to say about my junior I guess I could dedicate my next 200 or so words to those who made my junior year as awesome as it was (no order of importance).
1) Mr. Glenn – thanks for making language arts an enjoyable subject (that is actually a really hard fleet). Your audacity to argue against almost anything and everything makes you quite an awesome teacher. Good luck with whatever you are doing. I am sure everyone in the inaugural JCHS AP lang class will miss you.
2) Mr. Spiegel – Who is probably one of my favorite teachers of all time. Without him, there would be no JCHS debate team (which happens to be where most of my life is). He is always fun and supportive.
3) Nick Jeon – My debate partner, who had the patience to sit through my speeches. Indisputably a great guy to have on your side. We will kick ass next year.
4) Brittany Liebenow – Probably the closest friend I have coming to JCHS. Glad to see you enjoying new company and congratulations in advanced (I can clarify this later)
5) TAG office – A group of awesome teachers who I hang out with at 6th period. They are very supportive and friendly.
6) Counseling department – very supportive and will listen to my complaints/ questions. I couldn’t have done most of what I did this year without them.
7) The debaters – a new set of friends who are fun to be around, we all come from different backgrounds and have different preferences, but it is that diversity that made debate practice and debate tournaments amusing.
8) New friends – Julia, Elizabeth, Sarah, Sally, Sydney (and other people who are not in the class and will thus not read this), thanks for making this year bearable and enjoyable.
9) Everyone else- I know this might have defeated the point of making a list in the first place, and I know I might not like everyone in the school, and I know I might not even know everyone in the school, but I guess everyone played a part in making my junior year what it is so I thank them for that.

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  1. Steven,
    I sort of feel the same way about my junior year that you did about yours. I don’t feel like it was a disappointment either, but I do agree that I feel I could have done more. I feel like it may have been smart for me not to try anything extra though. I may have gone crazy. I‘m glad you liked Johns Creek High School. I did too. I feel like the faculty was amazing and the counseling office did an exceptional job for a first year school. There could have been a lot more frustration and confusion than there was. I’m glad that the debate team was so successful this year. Congratulations on all of your debate accomplishments! I liked your little list of all the people and things that made your junior year great. It was very nice. I feel honored to be on it. I’m glad I made your year more bearable and enjoyable. Have a fantastic summer Steven! We’ll be seniors soon! That sounds intimidating and awesome at the same time.