Saturday, May 8, 2010


I personally support the ability to terminate a pregnancy. This support does not come without reason. When it comes to the belief that abortion is the murder of a human being, I do not support this belief. Abortions mainly occur in the firs trimester of a pregnancy. At this time, the baby can not even really be identified as a baby. It is still just a fertilized egg inside the female. It does not have eyes, does not have legs, no ears, heartbeat, nothing that identifies it as human or alive. When you terminate this pregnancy, a person is not killed, a heart doesn’t stop, and neither a functioning brain is lost. So as you can see, the main argument that abortion is murder is actually not murder at all. To be murder, you must have a person being killed. In this situation, there is no human being exist.

When a abortion is done, the person choosing to go through this process in most situations is doing this not just doing it for their own benefit. Most people who go through abortions can not support the child that would eventually be born. They either do not have the financial support needed for the child or the time to devote to the child. Children who grow up poor tend to have not so good child hoods leading to even more problems once they reach adulthood. I am not saying all poor children grow up into horrible adults, but the statistics and facts show that the financial problems in childhood affect their adulthood. They get into criminal activity or do not strive to succeed in school. The parents who have a child when they are not ready struggle to raise the child, they are not able to strive freely in careers of their choosing.

By having a child when you are financially ready, you can provide the stable and positive life style a child deserves. This would allow the child to live a stable lifestyle making them being able to be successful in school providing them with opportunities in their future. A family that is struggling to raise a child will not have this type of environment for their newborn. By aborting the pregnancy actually gives the child mercy and does not let them have al life style full of hardship and struggle.

So as you can see, the right of abortion should be provided to all the young adults who accidentally become pregnant. Some of these adults save themselves from true hardship by terminating this pregnancy and also give mercy to the potential child. The child is not alive or feels anything when the abortion is carried out. It is a human procedure that helps the patient and the potential child as one.

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