Sunday, May 16, 2010

Junior Year

So my junior year has been quite eventful actually compared to other years, and just all around more exciting. I actually have this feeling of not wanting it to end. People were right when they said junior would be your hardest, but your favorite. I do not think that I have ever been as stressed out as I have been this year. Grades took on a whole new meaning and I actually had to work to keep them on an acceptable level. I had never received a B before and I emerged from first semester with four of them. It almost killed me, and my tutor told me to not let that happen again. I constantly had school on my mind and the stress that I was not going to get it done, or I needed to bring my grade up another x amount points in x amount of time. On the other hand I absolutely loved junior year because of the people I had around me. School was nothing like this at Northview and I thank God everyday I switched to Johns Creek instead of staying at Northview. No one who went to Northview will ever tell you that they want to go back, it really sucked, but the weird thing is that Chattahoochee people loved Chattahoochee, gosh that is a long word to spell, but anyways and they all wanted to go back. But coming together as one school with some about half and half from Northview and Chattahoochee was not as hard as I thought it was going to be, I think we all combined pretty well. I actually like the Chattahoochee people better than the Northview people, probably because my boyfriend came from Chattahoochee. I mean even he would have gone back to Chattahoochee if it had not been for me. The one thing about this is year is how extremely fast it has gone by. I feel like we should just be walking into the school for the fist time, still excited to see what it looks like. I remember being so excited about meeting new people. That is the one thing I wanted out of this school: new friends. I was so tired of my ones at Northview. Senior year is next year and I don’t really know how I feel about it. I am probably one of the few who is actually going to miss junior year, but senior is going to be so different. Even though it will be exciting and fun it is just going to be different and kinda sad knowing that it is your last year, but for some that might be the highlight. I feel like I should be a freshman again This first year to the school was very successful in my eyes, and I only hope that each year gets better and better, and we can grow as a school, start new traditions, and continue Johns Creek’s good name. These four years fly by faster than you can ever imagine. Just make sure you make the most of every moment.

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