Sunday, May 9, 2010

abort abort

The debate over abortion is as heated as ever. With the economy in a tight place, should women have the right to choose whether or not they ready to bring a life into this world? Some take a religious stance on the issue and some take a radical pro-choice stance, no matter what the arguments are out there it boils down to this: the people creating legislature about this issue are men and men simply do not experience the pregnancy process first hand. Therefore, the decisions being made pertaining to a woman’s body is being made by someone who does not understand the ramifications of physically birthing a child.
First off, all of those chuvanistic males that feel like it is their god given right to tell women what to do and how to treat their bodies can stick it where the sun does not shine because they are half the reason the woman is in a situation where she has to contemplate abortion in the first place. No, murder is not appropriate in any circumstance. However, if a baby is within the first trimester then it technically is nothing more than a clump of cells. It has no brain, heart, lungs or gender. It is non-existent.
Let us go into a hypothetical situation for a couple seconds here okay? Let’s assume that a sixteen year old girl got pregnant. The boy who helped get her there wants nothing to do with her and her parents can barely afford her not to mention a baby. Her options are: A. give it up for adoption and let the child always wonder why her biological parents did not want her and risk having a child searching for their lost parents or B. abort the child so it will never have to face a life of pain and rejection in a childcare system that is broken as it is. Honestly, anyone that says it is against the bible to have an abortion and stop a life that god has given you to nurture is in need of a cold shock into reality. Reality is that times have changed since the bible was written and that God would never wish any soul to come into a life of pain and misery if it could be preventable. God would not want someone to live with guilt for an entire lifetime over a child that is unknown to them. God gave women the gift to bake babies in their oven so that they could make loving, supporting families in which there is a stable income and a nurturing environment to grow up in. God did not give women this priviledge so they could destroy not only their own life, but a child’s as well. He would have wanted what was best for everyone. Plus, if he does have a divine plan for all would it not be true that perhaps abortion in some peoples lives are part of their plan to build strong character with God?


  1. WOW. Dani you had some really great hypotheticals in your blog, great contemplation and strong points with good supporting detail. I just want to comment on the "stick it where the sun don't shine" part, what exactly do you mean by this statement? Anyhow, I agree with most of the points made in your blog. It is ironic that a Congress made up of probably 95% men decide on laws about a woman's body. I also like your point about the first trimester; it isn't morally wrong to "take out" a clump of cells. I wouldn't even consider it murder because the organ-less, sex-less person isn't even alive yet and often times it is for the better of both the parent and the potential child to get an abortion. Desperate people, though they shouldn't have been gettin' it on so carelessly in the first place, should be able to abort a baby whose live is about to be long, difficult, and possibly neglectful. On the whole, I like your blog and the points about God and reality are very convincing. NICE WORK DAN

  2. I agree with Dani completely. While murder is unacceptable, abortion in the first trimester definitely should not be thought of as murder. If the baby was born and the mother had post partum depression, she might actually murder her fully formed, live baby. That is a hypothetical situation but still, it could and I'm sure it does happen. Under funded families should definitely have the option to abort their unborn child because as Chase said the child and parents' lives would be extremely difficult. The God part was very well written as well. Although I am not religious in any way, I agree with what you said about God wanting everyone to be happy and if getting an abortion makes someone happy, then the religious activists should not fight against it.

  3. Good points but the child develops a heart beat 21 days after conception. Making it alive at that point. I did a ton of research it's legit.