Sunday, May 16, 2010

Please allow me to introduce myself- Junior Year :)

There is no possible way to sum up how I felt about this year in just words. There have been various ups and assorted downs, achievements and let downs, and new friendships along with the endings of them. The one word that I would use to describe (the negative sides of) this year would be stranger. I chose to come to Johns Creek this year because I received the opportunity to be an editor on the yearbook staff. At Northview, this wouldn’t have happened for me. This isn’t because I’m incapable of performing the tasks, but because Northview’s yearbook staff is extremely set in its ways and some people are already predetermined to become an editor. Only having a semester of experience, I pretty much didn’t stand much of a chance. So there is the 98% of the reason why I came to Johns Creek. The other two percent is because I truly felt that I wasn’t experiencing High School the way most people do. At NHS, people are rigidly bound by academics. Having success in that area, I was craving something new. I wanted to have an exciting high school experience, not a mundane one. Did I get exactly what I wanted? I wouldn’t say so, but the choice of coming to the new school was definitely a good one. I wouldn’t say I regret it.
But back to the whole stranger thing. Everyone at a new school is virtually a stranger to everyone else. Nobody quite knows everyone else and what they’re about. It was a weird experience for me the first couple of weeks to walk through the hallways and not see the familiar faces of all of my old friends darting through the hallways to come say hi to me. The first few weeks were actually pretty fun for me. I thought the school year would be the best one yet. But around my birthday, I started to really feel… school-sick? There was nothing more that I wanted than to see all of my friends every day and talk about the usual: school, boys, weekend plans, and the occasional allusion to Harry Potter wasn’t uncommon. (That sounds really nerdy.) My very close friends at Northview talked to me every day and we hung out every weekend as if I had never even left. But then there were a few, well more than a few, of the friends that decided I was a complete stranger to them. I suppose that they assumed that when I ventured off to Johns Creek that I was suddenly foreign to them; I was living a different life that they were suddenly shunned from. They were, of course, extremely wrong. I’m still the same person that I was, but I just decided to be in a different location during the school day. Finally realizing that not all of my friends were going to make an effort, I faced some hard times. Why would someone do that? Well, it’s pretty much because they suck. It seems a little harsh, but it’s an accurate description. That, I would say, would be the only negative part of this year.
Everything else was great. I’ve met so many awesome people and made really great friends. I’ve challenged myself when it comes to Academics a little more than I have in the past, and everything came out alright (except AP stat was a little rough… haha). I proved to myself that I am perfectly capable of handling change and can overcome whatever I choose to overcome. Oh, and I learned that I’m quite capable of a semi-clean room.
I really don’t know what to write. Everything aforementioned is an attempt at getting all serious about the year. But, I’m not very good at serious stuff. So, let’s see what I can add in here. Mr. Glenn is probably one of the best teachers I have ever had in my entire life (and I’m not just saying that because he’s eventually going to read this), I’ve bought about three cars since last year, this is the longest I’ve kept a hair color, I’ve realized that my fish living eight months is quite the accomplishment, cacti actually do need water and sun or else they will die, eyeliner is very hard to get out of the carpet, Starbucks is a little sketchy on Friday nights when all the college students are home making drug deals, waffle house actually has good waffles, target is the best place to go when there is nothing to do, jet-skiing is a good way to get tan legs, owning a truck doesn’t mean that you’re a hick, never speed 20 miles an hour over the speed limit on the way to Athens because a cop on a motorcycle WILL pull you over, never smile at a middle-aged man when passing him in the parking lot because he will follow you for about five miles to smile at you again and then make a U-turn back to the mall, twelve year olds in malls with shutter shades think that they’re studs, don’t give your number out to people who will potentially stalk you, if you leave your friend on the beach and your phone dies, make sure you have a room key, the iHop waiters are a little flirty at 11:30 at night, your friends will have creepy boyfriends at some point, and talking in southern accents makes everything more interesting. Everything may not work out perfectly, but the imperfections are what make everything more meaningful in the end. Have an awesome summer everyone :-)


  1. Oh Allison, this blog really made me smile at some points but also exposed a deeper understanding of the year. I agree that Stat was TERRIBLE!! but not so much for you, even though you CLAIM that it ruined you GPA haha you're just fine! I have to say that I am very glad made the change to Johns Creek because I got to meet you! :) The less serious material included in the end of your blog was hilarious! And yes, cacti need some care too. Creepy boyfriends do happen adn even though you didn't have to deal with one yourself, you've had the experience through many of the people you know, including me...haha. Well, I'm glad you had an overall good year! Can't wait for our scheduled activities and senior year!

  2. OH! I forgot to add this one in! Thanks for letting me take your space car!!! hahaha IM SO EXCITED!! :))