Sunday, May 2, 2010

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is a major issue in America today. It follows the thoughts of Hammurabi’s code: an eye for an eye type of deal. Some people think that people can be forgiven for serious crimes and some people feel that people should be executed for killing another man. It is a very tough decision that is made and people have been debating on whether it should be legal or not for a very long time. It seems that if you take another person’s life than your own life should be taken as the only punishment to repay for what you have done. However, what happens when someone takes more than one person’s life. Then, that person can never repay for all of the lives he has taken by just taking his own life as only one life. In my opinion, living in a maximum security prison at a lifetime sentence is lot worse than being executed in an electric chair. Every day in an isolated prison feels like an eternity and prisoners rarely ever leave their jail cells. It has to drive people crazy mentally which makes them end up wanting to kill themselves but they cannot because they are watched very closely every single day.
However I myself am for the death penalty because it supports a good cause. People do not want other humans who have betrayed their own kind to be alive on this earth. Once you kill someone for the first time, you probably will not be afraid or will not hesitate to do it again if it was murder. People who murder multiple victims should be executed immediately because they are a hazard to the human race. They also should be executed because they get some sick pleasure out of seeing another human being suffer. Some people against capital punishment claim that they think it is wrong because it just involves more killing. They say that already enough lives have been spared and what makes it okay to spare another one. Who claims to have the authority to take another person’s life? However, some murderers would rather be executed in the electric chair than spend a whole life in prison without contact with other human beings. Complete isolation from the rest of the world is a mental torture that makes murderers highly regret the decision that they have committed in the first place. An electric chair is a quick but highly painful death that occurs when someone qualifies for capital punishment. It should still be legal however it should only be required for use when the crime committed meets requirements to be executed. People who have only killed one or two people should have an option of the electric chair or a life in prison and the really psycho people who kill over ten people should have locks and chains around every part of their body and be isolated from humanity for the rest of their life. That is a far worse punishment than the electric chair.

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