Monday, May 17, 2010

5/17/10- My Junior Year

I didn't really know what to expect coming into this year to be completely honest with you. New school, new people, new teachers; anything could have happened, but thankfully, I had a very successful inaugural year at JCHS. It seems like yesterday I was walking into first period on the first day of school doing the get-to-know-your-classmate games and what not. At first, I was unhappy about my schedule because originally I wanted to stay enrolled in Spanish, but having so few students taking that class, the school only had one period of that, and it conflicted with my math class. I had to drop Spanish and take personal fitness and P.E. which I didn't really mind because my day included four AP classes so a little break was definitely necessary. I thought the AP classes I was in were going to be unbearable, but as the year went on, I found out that it really wasnt too bad as long as I paid attention in class and did assignments when I was supposed to.

In all honesty, this might have been the fastest school year I have ever experienced and I'm looking forward to our two week lengthened summer. I was never because everyone always warns you that junior year is the hardest and most important year and I agree completely. However, when I look back at my classes, it really wasnt as excruciating as I expected it to be. At times yes, I'll admit I was extremely burdened but on the average day, I just had a lot of reading to do and that was about it.

Soccer was a huge part to my junior year both in and out of school. At JCHS, the team was brand new and no one really knew what to expect. While we weren't the best soccer team ever, we had a pretty decent inaugural season and I think next year we will just continue to improve. We were just under 500 on our record and lost a close game in the playoffs to Druid Hills in PKS. Next year we will have a much older team and I think we have the potential to be able to do some work on teams. On my club team, we won our league, Region III Premier League which gave us an automatic bid to regionals in Baton Rouge this summer. I can't wait for the trip and to just relax some this last summer before I have to start preparing to go to college. Its so weird to think that I am a senior now when I feel like I was just starting high school as a freshman. I can't wait though to move on and start a new chapter of my life. Overall, the year was great and I'm really happy about how I ended up performing in all my classes and on all the AP exams. I hope next year is equally as fun (though hopefully not as hard) and that it goes by just as quick as this year.

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