Sunday, May 9, 2010

Abortion-Own up to your mistakes

Abortion is an extremely sensitive issue it seems like now-a-days, and it should be because it is pretty much a matter of killing someone or not. I do not think that abortion should exist personally, to me it is horrible and it is not just because of my religious beliefs. I mean it is really not a religious issue at all, murder is not a religious issue; it is an ethical one. It seems people tend to write off pro-choice people as just following their religion and what it says, and I mean yes, but at the same time no, that is not the deal at all and it is annoying to write people off like that. It is not just because we believe that each person is God’s creation and we should respect the life He gives us, but the fact that we are murdering innocent children- you do not have to be a church going, Bible reading Christian to see that. And yes they are children, not some mass that has a scientific name that cannot technically be called a person yet. People have all these reasons- also known as excuses- to get an abortion: not ready to have a kid, was not planned, etc. have you never heard of the idea of adoption? You are never going to be ready to have a child so do not use that as an excuse. Like for real people you are taking away this life that you have created and throwing it in the garbage because of your own mistake. People need to own up to their actions, face the situation, and handle it like adults, do not just try to throw it away and pretend like it never happened. I mean it is pretty crazy when you think about how far people will go to get rid of a child. Women sometimes even kill themselves in the process of trying to kill their children. People complain about it being their choice on whether or not to keep the child, but is it really? Who really should decide whether or not a child should live? Are we trying to play God? It is the same argument as the death penalty- who has the final say in whether another lives or not. This subject just really annoys me personally. People try to be all like “well if you were in this situation you would understand.” No, if I was in your situation I would suck it up and act mature about it. I got myself there and now I am gonna own up to it- not take the easy way out. I do not think abortion is ever going to go away though because people like being able to fix their mistakes, cover them up so people never have to know they messed up. They can do what they want and not have to face the consequences, but I think living with the knowledge you killed your own child would be far worse than actually having the child to take care of. I mean that is just my opinion though, no big deal.

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  1. murder is not a religious issue; it is an ethical one << I absolutely agree!!
    Actually, I agree with your entire blog and have the exact same opinions.
    People choose what decisions to make and they should be able to handle whatever consequences come with them. They cannot erase the past or try to. They need to stop avoiding responsibility.
    And yes, there is adoption. Why should abortion even be an option when there are tonsssss of married couples who cannot have a child? It's selfish and it's, honestly, disgusting.
    good job! :)