Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Junior year

It seems like everyone else loved their junior year. Even though I can’t say I hated it, I definitely wouldn’t say it was any different than my other years in high school. And when I hear all of these people talking about how much they’ve changed from freshmen year to graduating from high school, it really makes me feel as if I’ve missed or am missing the whole “high school experience”.

Overall, I am glad I went to Johns Creek instead of staying at Chattahoochee. For one, I felt the academics here were soo much easier than in Hooch, where if I had decided to take four AP classes like I did this year, I would’ve been swamped. Here, I thought it was relatively easy to get good grades in all my classes allowing me to slack off like I usually do after the first month or so and leaving time for other things like hanging out with friends. Speaking of friends, one thing I really liked about Johns Creek was the fact that I met so many new people. By the end of the year, I felt like I knew pretty much everyone in the junior class since it was so small and all.

One problem with going to Johns Creek however, was the fact that throughout the year, I felt so incredibly bored at school– boredom which for some reason, I did not feel as much as at Hooch. Maybe it was because the junior class was relatively small or maybe it was due to the fact that since I decided I would take 4 AP classes, most of the people in most of these classes weren’t very socially or maybe it was because of the class sizes themselves (there were 4 people in my AP Chem class and 7 in my AP Calc class). Every day at Johns Creek felt the same as the last – same people, same schedule, same occurrences. I know this seems to contradict what I said earlier – about meeting new people – but looking back almost all of these new friends were ones I made outside of school. Even now, I get the feeling that if I had chosen to take for example, all on level classes, then I feel like I definitely would have met even more new people in school. Anyway after awhile, I would have to say this got really annoying even though I would also say that this perpetual boredom allowed me to come to the conclusion that perhaps in college, I would try to study abroad because after 12 years of living in the exact same place (Johns Creek) I am so ready to experience new places and new people.

Overall, though I would have to say that this was a beneficial year both academically and socially even though throughout it all, I always felt like something was missing. I am glad this year is finally coming to the close especially with the recent pressure of AP Exams and I can’t wait until the start of summer. I look forward to Senior year and I hope it’s a little more interesting in-school than junior year was for me.

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  1. Alex, I just wrote an extremely long and well thought out comment for you, but then accidently clicked a button and it all went blank!!!!
    I will quickly sum up what I had previously written and then I'll continue. Basically I had this whole dramatic paragraph about doughnuts. I then continued to sadly state how I wish you had a more exciting year, but I totally understood where you are coming from with the whole monotony thing. Afterwards, I wrote about how while part of the charm of JC is the small upper class, it also seems to be a problem for a few.

    I would like to conclude with wishing you a summer full of excitement (within reason!!) and I hope you return to JC with a fresh mind and fond memories.